SAirfix 1/72 C-47 Skytrain A08014

Sorry for not posting for awhile, I've not been to well which impacted on my modelling.

Decalling is completed and a few small components to add and paint before the final matt coats and a little weathering. Anyone doing the D-day option be aware that some of the stenciling is under the stripes on the wing underside and these should be missed out. A nice touch are the tiny black circles for the cabin windows which represent the firing ports for the soldiers. Difficult to put on though.


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Looks good Cool

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Yes it is looking good!


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very nice

what!! 11 o'clock already! i should realy stop modeling and get to bed.

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That looks excellent so far. I've also got this in my stash and also recently re-watched band of brothers but hadn't realised the markings in the kit match. I'm still thinking of doing mine in RAF markings but you may have swayed me!

Thanks for the positive comments guys.

A few points, the plane is from the same Group and Base (Upottery in Devon) as 'Band of Brothers' but a different squadron to that depicted in the series transporting 'Easy' Company. On the model itself, I think that the fuselage bands are to narrow at 8mm each as stated on the paint guide, 10mm would be better. Also the instructions have you add the rear tail cone, which I did, but in reality they were almost always left off during WWII operations, this was because the glider cable hook up was under here. This would have saved some filling and sanding. Should be all done by tomorrow night

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If your stripes are 10mm they look right. I'd have painted them over the rubber de icing boots. All the stripes were slapped on in the hours before the invasion (using huge brushes and even mops) so they'd be rough to say the least. Many of these aircraft were lost within hours of the stripes being painted so who cared if they were a bit flaked on the wing edges?

in real life the stripes SHOULD be 24 inch wide (60.9cm) divide by 72 gives 8.4mm . In reality they'd probably use lines of rivets as a guide.


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Well, on the general subject of "invasion stripes", I've seen some photos of them being applied in a recent magazine, and you can definitely see that the demarcations aren't straight!

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Well, on the general subject of "invasion stripes", I've seen some photos of them being applied in a recent magazine, and you can definitely see that the demarcations aren't straight!

We're all influenced by perfect museum / BoB memorial flight aircraft. That said in 1/72 scale 1mm = 7.2cm so at our scale the stripes SHOULD be pretty neat. Looking at real pics and comparing my models to the photos the 18" for single engine / 24" for twins simply isn't true in all cases.

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Looking great. I found a great photo on the Imperial War Museum archive site of a C-47 of the 74th Troop Carrier Squadron ID-X which shows that the stripes weren't applied over the wing leading edges (though this photo was taken very early in July 1944 based on the mission markings and squadron records (3 Glider Tow, 6 Cas Evac, 6 resupply). The 74th also produced an album with photos and an account of their experiences - it is online at the Bangor public library and well worth a read if you are interested. Plenty of pictures of C-47s and Gliders, including 'The Fighting Falcon' in which Brig Gen Don F Pratt (Deputy Commander, 101st Airborne) was killed.

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