SAirfix 1/72 C-47 Skytrain A08014

Dark Earth

34 posts

Very nicely done ! 


Peter s

38 posts


Ignoring the stripes are wrong discussion your build looks excellent as usual, nothing mediocre about it!!


Makes me thing I do need to add 1 to my collection! 

You're misreading me: I'm not saying "the stripes are wrong" but "rough stripes are acceptable on WW2 models, even if not on preserved warbirds".

Seconded. Although it's harder than it sounds to pull off. 

Incidentally I've an old Airfix mkix spit with d day stripe decals (it's lined up to be done as "the beer spitfire") and I measure them at a little wider than 6mm


I always think the decals are an easy option and usually regret it. I may well end up painting them.

JE-J jr is known to have been a "beer runner", and still carrying full stripes into August. Given that it was a Group Captain's personal aircraft and a replacement I think the stripes may have been "properly painted" rather than "daubed on in a rush".

That's probably the codes I'm going to use. Stripes are painted. I tried the decals and found them basically useless. Even with microset/sol they don't conform.6mm masking tape and spray was ok but in the end a big square end brush and one confident stroke gave a better result than anything. In 1/72 even a rough job has to be very straight.


ps from a lot of googling the "beer truck" seems to be A LOT more common than a few spits. I found all sorts of tales of booze/aircraft. Hanger queen b17s/b24s doing test flights to altitude to chill the beers seem common.Ice cream made in drop tanks (50 years pre heston Blumenthal) is repeated too.

Colin M

104 posts

A splendid build. I used to know an old boy who had taken off in loads of these aircraft, but never landed in one !

Peter s

38 posts

@Colin M

A splendid build. I used to know an old boy who had taken off in loads of these aircraft, but never landed in one !

I can claim 9 more take offs than landings. 1x Cessna 172 8x Hercules. When I did my first jump there was a veteran of arnhem doing his first in 50 years. I was too shy to ask him about his last one but maybe that was the right thing to do. 

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