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I had a weird sense a 1/48 Tiger Moth was coming, and I am so very pleased! As excited as I am to see images of this new kit it's weird that each picture in its product listing are repeated six or so times!

Also, I'm very concerned about the lack of legroom for the rear cockpit...

Cheers, Zac in NZ


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I was quite intrigued to see some Belgians make an appearance among this year's line-up (1/72 Gloster Gladiator and 1/48 Hawker Hunter F.4), however...


It appears the otherwise excellent Airfix research team made a minor mistake in researching the 'Red Devils' Hawker Hunter, in that they took the Brussels Air Museum example as their research sample!  The 'real' IF-70 was indeed a Hawker Hunter that flew with the Red Devils display team, however it was a Hunter F.6 rather than a Hunter F.4!  (IF-70 was the Fokker-built c/n 8820, delivered December 1958 and withdrawn November 1963; sold to Hawker in January 1965 as G-9-160, converted to FGA.73 and delivered to the Kuwaiti Air Force as 215 in February of 1966).

The Brussels Air Museum example is Hunter F.4 ID-46 (Fairey Aviations-built c/n AF39, delivered December 1956 but already written off June 1957; used as instructional airframe until transfer to the Brussels Air Museum); it was painted up as IF-70 (a Red Devils Hunter F.6 used during the 1961-1963 seasons) soon after its arrival at the Museum in March of 1960, and never restored to its original livery or identity.

Hawker Hunter F.4s in Belgian service received serials in the ID-series (ID-1 to ID-64, financed under the US Off-Shore Program and rumoured to have originally been destined for the reborn West-German Luftwaffe; and ID-101 to ID-148, financed by the Belgian State itself - hence the odd break in the middle of the block); Hunter F.6s in Belgian service received serials in the IF-series (IF-1 to IF-144, all financed by the Belgian State).

The Red Devils display team (or rather, the display team of 7 Squadron) only flew the Hunter F.4 once, during the 'Meeting des Nations' on June 29th 1958, using five aircraft; however these appeared in standard Belgian Air Force camouflage (they were respectively ID-101/7J-Z, ID104/7J-T, ID-114/7J-T, ID-122/7J-N, and ID-136/7J-U).  These five aircraft only flew for the team once, as they were soon afterwards retrofitted with the Hunter F.6 dogtooth leading edge. (ID-104 & 122 in July of 1958, ID-101 in September of 1958, and ID-114 & 136 in November of 1958).  By the time of their following meet at Chièvres, Belgium on October 10th 1958, 7 Squadron had converted to the Hawker Hunter F.6, but they still hadn't received permission for a special livery.  That livery didn't come until the spring of 1959 (at the time a still-timid Belgian tricolor wing livery added to the standard NATO camouflage; and the team only first presented itself as the 'Red Devils' during the July 5th 1959 meeting at Gosselies (Charleroi) in Belgium.





I also happened to note a returning issue with the livery of the Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero kit (A01005), which is presented as an aircraft of 201 Kokutai, Imperial Japanese Navy, at the Tobera Airfield in Keravat, East New Britain in Papua New Guinea.  This is not the case - the aircraft is marked with the kanji 'Tsu' () which was attributed to the Tsukuba Naval Air Group, 11th Training Combined Air Group, Imperial Japanese Navy, based out of Tsukuba Air Base, Tsukuba, Japan.  Instead, the unit code for the 201 Kokutai would have been '02-', a famous example of an aircraft being marked that way would be the A6M2b flown by Yukio Seki (02-888 of 301 Hitokai, 201 Kokutai at Mabalacat, the Philippines) during the first organised Kamikaze attack on October 25th 1944.


Other than that - I'm definitely looking forward to this year's releases, especially the MiG-17!


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I initially looked upon the new releases with a great surge of excitement: new tank models, a Henschel Hs123, a good half dozen civillian models and some interesting modern aircraft. Then, my excitement steadily decreased as I scrolled through each page: not a single Australian schemed model, with the exception of the matilda Hedgehog (which I'm pretty sure is an Australian scheme). The Matilda was little respite as I a), prefer to build aircraft and b) prefer smaller scales like 1/72. There were practically no new models to content a 1/72 scale aircraft modeller.

Anyway, enough of my complaints, there were several re-released aircraft and armour models which I would be willing to buy, such as the aforementioned Hs 123 and the Bedford QL trucks.

Stop complaining! Just because they are old tools and borrowed tools does mean they are bad kits. True they may have rivets, no cockpits and thick trailing edges does not mean that this year is rubbish. Oversized ribs and thick trailing edges? Sand it down to scale. No cockpits? Better get that plasticard out! Get over it, we come always hope for the return of the Roy Cross boxes! 

Why is my undercarriage stuck to my thumb?


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Especially for 1/48 modeller with only 3/4 '''new" models with only 2 being new

They couldn't do anything for D-day in 1/48 either; how hard would it be be to knock together a D-day set similar to the battle of Britain one 

Sorry but over the past couple of years the 1:48 scale kits have been well represented with new tool kits and again in 2019 have done well with the new Spitfire Mk.XIV and Tiger Moth, both kits being popular requests.


Airfix can't give everyone exactly what they want, and have to try and satisfy a while cross section of different interests!!


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@captain triggers

Stop complaining! Just because they are old tools and borrowed tools does mean they are bad kits. True they may have rivets, no cockpits and thick trailing edges does not mean that this year is rubbish. Oversized ribs and thick trailing edges? Sand it down to scale. No cockpits? Better get that plasticard out! Get over it, we come always hope for the return of the Roy Cross boxes! 

Its not these old re-releases that the problem, i am sure many will enjoy building these kits, though of course you can get many of them on the second hand market, and i must admit i am enjoying building my SM 79 and filling gaps you could drive a tank division through. Its the total lack of new subjects, especially British ones, that no one else is doing and that Airfix could clean up on.

They could have done an F-35. Plenty of companies have released that subject, now they have a year to produce some RAF markings. And while i am pleased to see that Phantom kit, saves me buying AM decals, i am sure the guys across the pond would have lapped up a US version.

Maybe they are putting lots of time into reserching new subjects for next year, but i certainly don't see 2019 being a fantastic year as the headline announces. On the 80th year of the company, i would have expected better than a host of kits that are nearly as old as the company itself.


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I tend to agree with Captain Triggers and am a little disappointed with all the doom and gloom posts and complaints.


Airfix cannot satisfy everyone's individual tastes and still be a viable commercial company. 1:48th scale modellers have 2 new tools, 1:72nd scale have the new MIG 17 and my favourite the Buccaneer, plus upgrades to other new tool kits such as the Wellington GR Mk.VIII! And not forgetting the big Hellcat in 1:24th scale. OK it's not as many as 3 or 4 years ago but these are difficult financial times, so plenty for me to choose from!


And although I prefer the new tool kits I recall lots of posts in the past asking for the return of some of the old classics. So overall WELL DONE AIRFIX, from me at least!!

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 Its the total lack of new subjects, especially British ones, that no one else is doing and that Airfix could clean up on.


Have you had a look back over, say, the last 3-4 years and counted how many new tool kits Airfix have produced? Then compared with actual new tooling from their mainstream competitors? I think you'll be surprised. Airfix is not a huge organisation and they don't have extensive R & D resources, there's only so much that can be done over a given period. The programme we are seeing this year will be a reflection of the resources that were available during 2016-2017 - beyond that for the 1/24 Hellcat.


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Well, of course, each to their own. I would like to see the company do well, it has been really nice seeing the revival of Airfix the last few years. I have gone from avoiding them like death to really looking forward to their new releases. And i just think they have missed out on a lot potential buisness. A US Phantom would have been a big hit simply by some changes to the mould and new decals.

Your right, you can't please everyone, but a better balance would be nice.


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Complainers should have just as much right to moan as Fanboys have to cheer. 

3 new tools plus the earlier 2018 Spitfire and Hellcat are welcome, but it's hardly stellar. That leaves 98 others some of which are questionable choices. 


Since the D-Day 75th releases they have a poor showing on other anniversaries. After the lacklustre kit releases for the End of the Great War and RAF 100 I had hoped for 2019 to be an improvement - 50 years since Apollo 11, and of Concordes first flight. Sadly neither have warranted new plastic either. Missed opportunities for what are surely well known, highly marketable subjects. 


So after more perusing during this mornings tea break it remains MiG-17 and selected classics for me. 


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