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Not normally one to whinge,there have been some wonderful 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft releases over the past 2-3 years,but I am somewhat underwhelmed this year with only the new tool Bucc to look forward to ( and even then it was crying out for a 1/48 tool).It is a shame if there has been a change of policy to save money by re-ssuing old models instead of innovating and leading the field.Perhaps Airfix should change its name to Tankfix!


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@shenington pilot

Perhaps Airfix should change its name to Tankfix!

Considering the neglect of AFVs (along with ships, cars and figures) over the last few years that's a bit rich. Aircarft modellers have been inundated with new tools over the last ten years. I know 'planes are easy money, but how much longer can the other genres be ignored. Just an odd new tool every now and then would be an improvement (and the reboxing of existing Academy kits doesn't count as inspirational or new). There are one or two on this year's list that I might be tempted with, but nothing that leaps off the page and says "buy me, buy me, buy me, I must get that!"

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The market was also crying out for a new tool Buccaneer in 1:72nd which we now have, and those who work in the 1:48th scale can't have every new tool going. Under the current difficult financial situation I think we should all be realistic in our expectations as lots of new toolings would require heavy investment, so Airfix probably due require the funds generated by the sale of the old classic kits going forward!!!


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 I had not realised that the Jetstream, Dominie, DH Heron and Concorde were part of the classic range.

I am quite excited these are being released albeit under the Vintage Range - as I use to love putting together these types of aircraft as a lad, and got immense satisfaction from putting the windows in. I have to say I don't like the modern civil aircraft kits due to the fact that you get decals for the windows (not quite the same!). This time however - I will make sure I get some interior detail inside, in the vain hope that you might see it for looking into the cockpit / cabin. Laughing 

The modern moulds though are great, and I am fairly pleased with the choice on offer for 2019.

One small thing - maybe for 2020 classic range - would be nice to have a classic car (subject to tools being available) - perhaps the Maserati (was proposed ~2015 I think) or Mercedes 280 SL

Now - where did I put my loop glasses!

With reference to the Vintage Jetstream release, this kit was based on a cancelled order for the USAF, and is only applicable to the USAF specification, it can't be built accurately as any RAF/ RN or civil aircraft without modification, mainly to the engine instillation I think. Basically it's a What If model, though nothing wrong with that if it's your thing.

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@shenington pilot

It is a shame if there has been a change of policy to save money by re-ssuing old models instead of innovating and leading the field.Perhaps Airfix should change its name to Tankfix!


It's quite possible the company is responding to demand in re-releasing old kits, although I don't doubt they are stretched to invest in lots of new tooling. My impression from the forums and Facebook groups is that the old kits have been well received, not just by geeks of a certain age looking for a nostalgia fix, but also by more casual buyers who've discovered that the old kits can be a bit of a hoot to build. If they sell well there's a double bonus, it helps Hornby get back on its finacial feet and Airfix will get to invest in more new tools further down the line.  


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I think that the new releases for 2019 are quite interesting in general.  I like the MIG 17, the SEA VIXEN, the BUCCANEER, the Savoia Marchetti...  I think I`ll buy them when available.  

Have tosay I disagree with those who say there's not much exciting this year in aircraft. Seriously looking forward to the new Buccaneer & Fresco. Cant wait to finally get hands again on the re released Sea Vixen, and the 1/24 Hellcat is a great fresh addition to the range. 

Tanks are not my personal bag, but a I know some who are excited abouted the big rerelease catalogue for this year. I'm with the poster who comments on re release for investments sake, and I reckon Airfix have made some pretty good & well informed decisons on what to develop and what to bring back from the past.

Well done guys.................. Can we pleeease have a new tool 1/72 Superfortress next.

Well done Airfix! I can't wait to get my hands on that 1/48th scale Spitfire FR14...I am thinking a postwar 443 'Hornet" Squadron machine at Utersen West Germany winter of 45-46.

The Mig-17 is a must and I will park that next to a Sabre 6 in a "what if it had happened" park.

I am not really a fleet air arm guy but I can see a nice diorama of Ark Royal's flight deck with the Buccaneer and Phantom!!! Likewise the big Helcat ... A diorama with the Helcat in front of an Essex class carrier's island...I think I have a colour picture of that in a book.

Speaking of dioramas, the 1/48 Tiger Moth will round out a Hurricane diorama that I have been considering based on a picture that I have of AF964 taxiing over a snow covered taxi way past the flight line of Tiger Moths of No.2 IFS in the winter of 40-41. Oddly enough I ended up with three pics of AF964: one is a  front view parked with the test pilot getting out, the taxiing picture shows the right side and I have one more of the left side flying up against a cloud  bank!  And it's production line mate, AF955 was converted in the UK to a Sea Hurricane and featured in the 1/48 Airfix kit!

Oh.... So many little time.





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I am amazed at the number of 48th 'officienados' both here and on other sites I belong to unhappy with this years' releases Frown

I could've had a giant whinge about NO new tool 1/72nd Sea Vixen (a big hole!!!!!), Meteor, Walrus, Sea Fury, Fury 1, Merlin, EA-6B, Spitfire Mk.XII or Seafire F.XVII, all released in 48th but not a whisper of a new tool 1/72scale release of these subjects Frown

I could've gone on about the fact that Airfix has missed a great opportunity to release a 1/72scale tin wing Hurricane to go along with their rag wing Hurri (I've two of these) that maybe could've competed with the outstanding ARMA Hobby release but they've let that go. I'm about to purchase several ARMA kits so without a horse in the race Airfix loses out.

I'm only mentioning these points that I'm not 'pleased with' as an illustration that Airfix cannot possibly please everyone in all scales (said this before). It's just not feasible for any manufacturer in the hobby. Although if they did release the above subjects . . . . YIPPEE!!! Out with the wallet!!!

That aside, and I know I've said something like this in a prevoius post here, we should just support Airfix so they can generate the cash they need to enable them to produce those "new" tools us modelers are waiting for.

Never fear, new release or massively collectable, you will be assembled . . . sooner or later

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