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SAirfix Forum Christmas Competition 2019

I've actually been out of the modelling game for a few years now although I did briefly reprise my modelling skills a couple of years ago on the brilliant Airfix Mk.22. When I break up from work on the 20th, I plan to sort my den out and undertake a joint build with a good friend... Maybe over some mulled wine

As an avid modeller I try and bring my grandchildren into the hobby, since the introduction of quick kits this has een quite succesful, this christmas we are building dinosaurs and my 2 youngsters will be building and painting with me


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I would love to win and spending quality time this Christmas making a model with my granddaughter who also loves making things  and it would give her lovely memories to look back on one day.

Eva Appleby


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I would love to spend qaulity time with my granddaughter  making a model and give her lovely memories in years to come.

Eva Appleby


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We all do something different then bring it together on Boxing Day


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Since becoming disabled I have returned to modeling to keep my mind active. My youngest son now 13 has for the last year been modeling with me (modern jets).

He has now joined RAF cadets all because of modeling.

Give a man a fish he will eat for one day teach him how to Google and he will leave you in peace forever.

My dad is Fleet Air Arm veteran, so for Christmas I like to build him a kit that reminds him of his time in service, this year it's the 1/48 Sea Vixen. As a mechanic it, it was one of his duties to maintain the Sea Vixen An enjoyable build so far, and sure to be a great gift.(P.S Airfix, a 1/48 Sea Vixen FAW.1, Fairey Gannet or Sea Hawk, please!)


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Airfix modelling gets the children off their devices and into the real world. Or you could say out of the virtual world and into the scale model world. 


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Every Christmas all the family help design and create a big Christmas themed diorama. This year we are doing The Battle of the Bulge 1944, it's going to be all in the snow. It's an amazing airfix experience and great fun.

Nothing better than sitting down with some peace and quiet to make a start on whatever was left under the Christmas tree for me and the children.

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