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SAirfix Forum Christmas Competition 2019


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My twins love modelling with dad! They even post videos on YouTube.

'The girl' is into cars and 'The boy', aircraft and most of the Christmas day is spent building either a model or Lego (sorry but they like that too)

Recently 'The boy' has become obsessed with the Titanic (and her sister ships). Modelling together is 'proper' dad time, so a model of the Titanic to build on the day would be epic.

It's something that my husband and his dad, who was in WWII (Burma), used to do together and meant a great deal to him. My father in law passed away a few years back now and we have carried on as a way of remembering him. All the things he painted form part of the scenes set up, so old and new come together. 

Titanic takes me back to my early days, Grandad got me into it having built and painted an Ark Royal model that he passed onto me, have dabbled on and off with model making but still always welcome at Christmas and one for the pressies nowadays for my nephews too 


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I was ten years old and demanded an Airfix Avro Lancaster for Christmas. It was far too difficult for me as I'd never built a model before and I really should have asked for a Spitfire or Hurricane. Still I did my best and spent Christmas morning trying to put it together. It was the start of a lifetime's hobby.

Airfix airplane models preferably in 1/72 is one of the best Christmas presents an airplane modeler or a potential airplane modeler could receive.


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My dad was in the RAF and often away at Xmas, so my mum and aunty used to get me kits and help me maake them to show my dad when he came home, and he'd explain all about them, my son does this now with my grandons. 

My Christmas looks like an unfinished Mosquito, soon to be completed, plus the airfix Vulcan soon to be landing on the work station. Merry Christmas all 

Joshua Bennett

My boys were up the loft and found a box containing all my model planes i built when i was younger. They have both now added Airfix aircraft and soldier kits to their Santa lists and want me to teach them how to build models and paint them. I cant wait for Christmas morning to get started building models again with them both

It doesnt , it gets me away from my wife up in my mancave making models lol

Christmas is about the only free time me and my dad and little brother get to do models. We take over the dining table, much to my mum's delight, and we each build the ones we get for Christmas. Our model shelves have slowly been filling up over the years.

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