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SRAF Grey Phantom Paints


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Hi all,

I'm about to start making the 72nd scale Phantom FGR2 as a gift for my dad. I am unsure about the paints I should use for the exterior colour. I have got an additional decal sheet so I plan on making an all grey 29Sqn scheme, similar to the included Mount Pleasant flight scheme but with a different tail design.

My question is about the paints I should use for this model. The extra decal sheet calls for just a standard tri-tone grey colour so I am going off the included grey scheme for paint numbers. It calls for using 165, 166 and 167 for the exterior. However I can only seem to get my hands on 167 in acrylic, 166 in enamel and 165 as a spray can which I would not feel confident with at all. I have also never used enamel paints before and I would ideally like to stick to acrylics just because I have had practice with them before but I am open minded if there is no other solution. I would like to know really if there is any way around using these three colours which I can't get my hands on. I've tried using a paint converter because I can easily get access to Vallejo Model Colour paints but the problem is the three humbrol colours are so similar the converter just tells me to use the same grey colour for all three humbrol shades.

So my question really is, how neccessary are the three different shades? Would the model still look good using solely 167 RAF Barley grey? Or is there a way I can get all three shades in acrylic form? I do not have an airbrush either by the way. 

I hope this makes sense, thank you in advance for the help!Smile


Paul Brown

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Your best bet is Hannant's Xtracrlyix, you need XA1003, 1015 and 1017

Dad Paul B

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Humbrol have done a conversion chart which should be on the website. 

The Vallejo equivalents would be Medium Sea Grey 70.870, Light Aircraft Grey - Sky Grey 70.989, Barley Grey - Not sure . It is slightly darker than MSG so maybe Dark Sea Grey 70.991 or 70.904 Dark Blue Grey.

I have trouble distinguishing between the Vallejo Medium and Dark Sea Greys. You could probably manage with just LAG and MSG but the monotone grey needs help to get some tonal variation.

One trick you could try is to use grey primer and put some black under the Barley Grey areas and then go with Mediums Sea Grey over the lot, though I would try the combination out on some scrap plastic first.

Humbrol are updating their paint range so should get to the specialist greys in the next year or so. In the meantime your local Hobbycraft or model shop may still have old stocks.

Paul - Classic Jet Fan

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