SSilver & Orange colours for DHC Chipmunk T.10

Having received a kit at Christmas, and as a 'new boy' to Airfix in my 70's, I'm seeking advice for the correct Humbrol enamel silver/aluminium and orange colours of the Chipmunk I trained to fly in whilst at Leeds University Air Squadron in the early 1960's - the photo attached is one of the actual aircraft I flew.

Thanks in advance for any answers.



Dad Paul B

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This scheme is usually defined as Silver (11) and Fluorescent Fire Orange (209). You need to be patient with the Fire Orange as it is partially translucent so you may want to put a solid Orange underneath (though the Humbrol Gloss Orange (18) can also be a pain, at least in Acrylic). Reds and Yellows are notoriously lacking in opacity and not just Humbrol. I have done the Vampire is this scheme and my son the Gnat.

The Orange does work over a white primer tolerably well, the unevenness matches some photos of the era - and a little on the rear fuselage of yours, but you will need quite a few coats which leads to a step at the boundary with the silver. I don't know how the enamels go but I had quite a faff when using gloss white to try and over come opacity issues with acrylic.

You can buy decal sets of individual letters and numbers for the serials but I am not sure if you will be able to get the quarters square badge - you may need to self print that.

Paul - Classic Jet Fan


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As above, with the note that, if the orange was paint and not Fablon (actually quite commonly used on RAF trainers in period), it suffers enough from wear and fading that coverage problems are more about "copying preserved aircraft" than anything else. Look at the lighter patch just ahead of the serial on your photo for example!

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I used to take ATC bods to VGS and one of the noticeable things when ground handling the Vikings was that some of the Fablon panels were noticeably sun-bleached. Also they fade out at the edges to a very pale colour. 

Many thanks for your replies.

Further question: what are the pros & cons for Humbrol enamel versus acrylic paints onto Airfix plastic aircraft model kits, please?

Paul Brown

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The acrylics need a good, grippy primer/base coat - in my opinion. If I were using the Humbrol fire orange, then I'd use it over a white undercoat.

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