Would like to know what is going on with the club revamp/launch? \my sub expired and didn't download the latest magazine and would not let me  renew in order to access the area. Vague promises via the fb page don't really wash it.

Please advise when it will be up once again.


Dad Paul B

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New subscriptions were halted back in May and they intend to relaunch in the new year. They are open to suggestions as to what members would like to see and there is somewhere on the website to register interest. I don't have the magazine to hand right now but you may be able to find it through the menus.

Paul - Classic Jet Fan

No, unless you are a active member you can't access the relevant page. Already registered my interest, but would take with a very small pinch of salt any idea that they would listen to customers suggestions with how they have treated the club and its "perks" over the last few years. 

Ian Evans

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I have been a club member for several years now, however, since my membership ran out in June this year and new memberships are suspended , even though I pre-ordered the new 1/48 Blenheim Mk.1F way back on announcement in October 2017.. I had to pay full price. So wondering what is going on at Hornby and with the 'Club'.. I have cancelled the rest of my pre-orders until I get more info as and can get them cheaper on release elsewhere..

Still no update generally or even an acknowledgement on this thread.

Airfix really need to go back to school when it comes to not only communication but engaging with their loyal customers. 


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I was going to generate a new thread then found this thread on the Airfix Club. 


My membership expired at the end of October just as I'd saved loads of Flying Hours tokens and was about to submit them for a new Lancaster. The first I knew of the revamp was when I tried to renew my membership to submit my Flying Hours Passport?


I don't have any suggestions for the revamp but I only hope that the members discount continues and also the Flying Hours scheme. However my worry is that the number of Flying Hours tokens required to purchase a certain kit will increase? I can only appeal to the powers at Airfix that club members benefits should at least be maintained, if not increased! PLEASE DO NOT REDUCE THE BENEFITS!!!


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First of all would like to appologise if their is already a topic on this, I had a quick check but didn't see anything.

Just wondering when the new club is going to launch. I see the date has been pushed back again, at one point it said late 2018, then early 2019 and now it just says 2019.

Does anybody know why it was stopped in the first place and could anybody list a few benefits. Being still a relativley new modeller, I was just wondering what its all about.

Thanks for any input,



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Hi, haven’t heard a peep about the new club arrangements but just to add my eager anticipation as to what it will offer. I did reply with comments when we were asked last year and as my membership must be expiring soon I’m keen to be told what the outcome is. For benefits I said the 10% members saving on everything on the website was very good... the £15 gift card was a real incentive... and the flying hours a nice bit of icing on the cake! ... then there is access to the forums and reduced entry to venues + free admission to the Hornby Centre and 10% off in the gift shop.  I also recall getting a reduced rate for Airfix Model World mag when I subscribed. So overall I thought it a very good deal and of course there is the knowledge that I am supporting the Airfix brand ( a fan for nearly 60 years) with the hope it doesn’t collapse and disappear altogether. I see the minimum for free postage has gone from £30 to £50 ... the number of flying hours and postage cost has increased over time, but I guess this is just inflation and the general costs everywhere... it hasn’t put me off Airfix .   Yes, if anyone from Airfix can give us an idea as to the ‘when and what’ for the Club’s future it would be most appreciated , thanks

coming in spring/June

Why is my undercarriage stuck to my thumb?

Also interested to find out what is going on with the Club. I can't tell if Airfix are being deliberately evasive with this, or if they just aren't keeping an eye on customer comments, but a lot of people on here and their social media pages have been asking after the Club update.


Any information would be welcome, even if to say that it has been postponed to accomodate changes or additions to the scheme. We would at least know they are working towards something.


Keeping their customers completely in the dark like this, however, is going to cost them in the long run; the Club is great but Airfix aren't the only brand out there selling decent model kits, nor are they always the most affordable...

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