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Bio: Started Airfix'ing in the early '60s, in Singapore, where my dad was working. Getting a 'real job' put paid to all such pleasures, and a certain amount of globe-trotting ensued, which meant leaving my collection behind. Having celebrated my retirement by building the biggest model I could lay my hands on at the time, I now expend a significant portion of my pension in building up a stash which my wife swears will be buried with me.

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Being based overseas, I was pleasently surprised this morning seeing a copy of the new magazine on my doorstep. Wasn't expecting anything to get through the current lockdown. 

I was quite pleased with the contents, a step up from the old pdf download, and very nicely printed.

More articles on old airfix kits would be nice, I still remember the old polybag packs that my mum used to buy me each week when we went shopping. At only 6 years of age, they were more DIY toys rather than scale models to me, but I still remember them fondly.

The Ford XB Falcon (Mad Max) appears on the US 'New Arrivals' page, but cannot be accessed by us mere mortals, it appears - any idea what's going on?

If you DO use Scaelxtric Track Designer, remember to run it as Administrator, if you're using any of the newer Windows ...also it tends to not "Close the gap" in situations where the actual track would! 


Good luck!

Found this page with the layout which might help -

Best of luck!

Sad to say, the problem is back - maybe this is due to a Windows update breaking the upload widget?

I get the following error message in a pop-up box (no, I can't post a screenshot!) -

Select an image  The file could not be written to disk Images Plugin

Close [×]

There's quite a few new F1 cars that are DPR, you have to use C8516 F1 EasyFit Digital Plug for F1 cars.

(I'm strictly analogue myself, so I don't know how easy it is to install!)

Quick update - having finally bought the Track Extension Pack 6, it seems that it DOES have a set of helpful hints on the back (my question asking whether it does, posted on the product page was deleted). 

I really think it should be featured on the product page, as it would help future buyers.

I was trying to upload a copy here, but I keep getting a "cannot write to disk" error, so will try again later.



A bit like the Spectrum logo from 'Captain Scarlet'!Smile

Try removing the track section where the car stops, and see whether it runs on the rest of the track.

If it does, replace the section with a good spare, or check for dents/junk in the groove/bad connections etc.

If it doesn't run on the rest of the track, push it along until it does - and pull out the section at that end as well.


Your meter prods may be reading a good voltage but bits of braid in the slot might be shorting when the blade hits them, also changes in level may be lifting the braids off the rails. Try running the car in darkness - do you see any sparking? Is this a problem with just one car/one lane or all of them (check them all!).


Extreme test - run another car a little behind the first - if it stops at the same time, it's probably a short circuit. If it comes along and stalls at the same place, it should be a bad connection.


Best of luck - 

I think your're right, Andy - the track has quite a lot of 'give' and it seems to me that any of the near misses above should work, especially as I intend banking the R3 180 curve - that will give some flex in 3 dimensions as well.


Just out of curiosity, I ran the R1/R2 hybrid from the TEP3 box through Track Designer - results below - and it does seem that the programmers should have allowed for some 'fuzzy logic' in the alignment! Maybe there's a 'snap together' command that we haven't found. I know for a fact that it works in practice, as I have a variation set up and running right now, so I guess it's safe to invest in the R3 pack and sort things out on the floor, as it were.

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