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@Paul Brown

How about Airfix going old school - stick em in a bag with some cardboard at the top, one set of markings. get them in Clintons , whatever - anywhere , make them pocket money prices (10 quid) and they will sell...

It's a great idea, it might catch on. Oh wait....


I think you'll find a lot of these kits end up on sale in outlets not frequented by modellers (but not Clinton's)


A good point my friend but not what I had in mind , when I said old school , I meant old school. A bag with a cardboard top - no brushes or paint or glue . Get all those old kits , some good, some bad and sell them off.

make them short run - so people know they have to get them quick. Dapol have been selling the old train kits this way for a while. To be clever they then give online cad drawings showing how to tart them up with a bit of scratch. I bought the B-Type bus for 15 quid (26 RRP !) covered in flash , slightly warped ,  awful fit. Bung it in a bag ,less than a tenner , most of us will give it a go. Most of the Airfix bombers are awful (lets not mention the god awful 1/48 Buck !) Some have been replaced but not all, compared to the good but murderously expensve Hasagawa alternatives , not in the same league, Some (with some aftermarket) are reasonable (Stirling springs to mind) Big bag , cheap plastic - elbow room for after market - sale.

TBH Airfix need to look at Academy - cheap, not masses of plastic (Airfix are a bit overengineered) good externals , good fit. Just wish people wouldnt knock Airfix for not releasing some obscure kit that wont sell in their target market - Airfix need to get a lot smarter in maximmising revenue streams.

Airfix have removed most of their old kits from the line up. They were too expensive and some of them complete shonkers .

They were only shonkers due to the price - as the last chance to buy proved - sell em cheap enough and they will go.

How about Airfix going old school - stick em in a bag with some cardboard at the top, one set of markings. get them in Clintons , whatever - anywhere , make them pocket money prices (10 quid) and they will sell especially if Airfix set up an online area where videos show the build and how to enhance it (simple scratch building). Some kind of game wouldnt be a bad thing.

The re-release of all the old engine kits was a case in point - how come they didnt release the motor , even as a seperate part.

Its clear that Airfix have decided to target a specific line which will appeal to the budget UK, US and European market so lets leave the obscure Armour to others and concentrate on core customers - wish they would just get a lot smarter.

@david evans

Very disappointed again.!

No ships, what's going on Airfix? Iv been a loyal customer since I was seven. Now i have to buy from foreign companies if i want a kit.And please don't tell me that ships don't sell if Trumpeter, Flyhawk et al are producing at least three new ship kits a year.

Fleet air arm aircraft kits are great but remember you need an aircraft carrier to fly them off.

Very disappointed wish i had not spent the money on the 2018 catalogue now.

Hmm - of course you are entitled to your opinion

However - lets take the recent Trumpeter 1/200 Hood. The Hood association (the foremost authority) offered help to Trumpeter to produce the most accurate model possible (they had already colaborated over the 1/350 (considered the most accurate) Trumpeter ignored them and used a highly spurious 3D set of drawings with numerous errors resulting in a funnel that is the wrong size. This from a kit that will set most people back 250 quid !

Most of the Far East manufacturers seem to get away with shonkingly bad kits with horrible inacuracies yet Airfix get slaughtered for not releasing kits that may have only limited appeal in thier host market. One must assume that in their home markets a lot of these manufacturers output is very cheap and just make the Western world cough up.



Its diappointng that we get the usual moaning because Arfix are not Dragon or Trumpeter.

A lot of interesting releases - who can not want an FGR 2 ?

The Hunter (whether 2019 or late 2018 is  more of a problem. Why 36 notes ? its not as if there is masses of plastic. Probably no mrore than the Mitchel. One thnks that this alone may cause Airfix a problem.

Any suggestions from Airfix as to why this kit will be this price ?

1/48 Buck definitely.

How about a set of 1/72 seated and masked WW2 and Post war pilots ?

Revell made a set (no longer available).

!/48 would be nice as well seeing as neither the FGR1 or Fury had one.

As an extra point - whats with Airfix pricing policy ? 1/72 mitchel - lots of plastic 25 quid - same with Fury and Phantom - good stuff and no hesitation to hand over the creditcard.

So forth coming Hunter - why 36 Quid ? No Engine - its not much bigger in 1/48 than a Mitchel in 1/72.

Going to think long and hard about this and my guess is the money will go on the UK Mitchel and FGR2, one thinks others will go the same way.

In many respects this is an interesting announcement but still leaves one slightly puzzled by Airfix choice of release.

Sea Fury ? bang on - cannot wait - pre order in long ago.

ME262- hmmm.

1/48 Walrus and B25 - outstanding and yeah - ok.

1/48 Mustang - eerrrr - crowded market.

FAA Phantom - wow ! (see Sea Fury)

1/48 Blenhiem - leaves me cold when the Buck has little or no quality representation at 1/72 or 1/48.

If Airfix announce one at Telford then one stands utterly corrected.

How many other companies have any kind of spares policy at all, let alone doing it for free as Airfix have done in the past?

good luck getting anything out of Tamiya or Hasagawa.

Airfix are a business and not a charity, if the kit is defective, return it to the retailer and even if the seller is from the internet then under British consumer law they are obliged to refund postage as well.


Interesting post.

As someone who over the years has built the full range of Airfix sailing ships (not the Cutty Sark though) over the years, one has some perspective on the subject.

Revell are bringing out a new tool Victory in 1:450 and thats pretty much it. However as for accuracy......

The HMS Victory laid up in dry dock Portsmouth has almost nothing in common with the Ship that fought at Trafalgar - no Copper on the hull, Steel masts and a lot of other changes.

The ship was virtually rebuilt in 1929 so producing as "accurate" one is like a Soviet era historian - one can only predict the past with limited accuracy. This all came to light when building a 1:86 wood and brass model - after much soul searching and on line research as to how some features should appear - the pragmatic reply from a master builder was "no one knows what she looked like in 1805 - you either build an accurate replika of Her now or do what makes you happy".

So it's very unlikely to happen (a modern kit)  - 3D printing may offer some hope - so good luck.

Prefectly happy to show anyone how an effect was achieved, the biggest problem one finds even with SBS explanations is that lighting and video effects do not often show clearly how something was done.

One has seen loads of publications with some very thorough explanations including plenty of photo's that still left one none the wiser as to how it was achieved (how to do glazes on figure painting with acrylics still leaves me stumped until a very experienced figure painter said "can you do blends with oils ?" I said yes and he curtly replied "Use oils then".)

As for dry brushing - well lets take an instrument panel as an example.

Most (but not all ) we shall assume will be black - so lets paint it good old NATO black which is in fact very dark grey or "scale black".

Select a slightly lighter colour and using a largish flat brush , scrub off virtually all the paint on a paper towel until there is virtually no paint left (test on a bit of scrap). Flick the end of the bristles over the raised detail, stop and check to see the effect. Stop when it looks good to you.

That last bit was the rub - stop when you find it pleasing.

The top modellers are perfectionists (this one isn't) so will redo something over and over again until it is perfect - very admirable and the results speak for themselves. This one is a realist so good enough will do.

The new tool Gnat build in the Airfix magazine left me a bit cold - assuming we are talking natural metal/Orange.

Those slightly overscale panel lines seemed to be an open invite for a wash.

Looks fine if subtle enough and overblown if not.

Having a look at photo's of a real one - not a panel line in sight, so how to make a smale object look less boring or toy like ?

Well one way is very laborious and is to mask off all the NM panels and slightly vary the tone of Ally paint used - results in a patchwork that looks a lot more interesting and realistic - a spot of post shading on the orange bits (slightly darker shade of Orange sprayed near the panel lines) livened up that part.

But as far as one is concerned, if your happy with what you have done , then that's just fine, the point is give techniques a go on old kits, if it works or you like it then have a go on something more meaningful. Practice is everything.

As for figure and bust painting - check out the work of Sang Eon Lee - simply stunning. After thrirty years on and off of trying to get anywhere near the quality of such painters , maybe half way, know all the techniques, yet lack that one thing he has - talent. It wont stop me trying though.


Which techniques did you have in mind ?

You would be suprised how easy some of them are to pull off.

Also be very careful about magazine builds as some very clever photography hides a multitude of sins and lets be honest , these are made by professional model builders. One mentions this since for many years the stash remained unbuilt because one felt that one was just not worthy, looking up at the masters.

My own pet hate is black panel lines - no aircraft ever had a scale 2 inch gap between panels.

Much better is the modern idiom of modulation where the panel line can be "suggested" by spraying (if you have an airbrush) or painting a slightly lighter shade in the middle of the panel. For example - in classic RAF Olive Green / Flat Earth - adding a little yellow to the OG will make the panels "appear" seperate.

Dry brushing with a light touch brings a cockpit to life.

Washes make detail pop.

Pre-shading breaks up the monotony and adds depth and interest.

The so-called "Spanish style" of zenithal lighting - is used a lot on Armour to make OD look a lot less boring and can be used on Aircraft and Navy subjects as well.

Just one thing though - Figure and bust painters (good ones) are gods , no amount of advice will make up for a lack of talent and only vast amounts of practice will get one half way there to sit at their feet gazing up in awe... guess how one knows this....

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