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First class! Very well done.

I guess the job offer from Airfix to build their new releases is in the post......

Excellent. It’s good to know the model can be loaded as originally intended. Thanks for the pictures.

T2B : you make some good points. When all is said & done, we do the best we can with the information available to us. That being said, you have produced an excellent model. As time goes on, we may all have better information to make a more accurate interior, but thats for the future.

I stand corrected. Having looked at the pictures of WR963, there is certainly one of these green screened radar scopes. But perhaps just one?

This is progressing well. The suspense waiting for the intricacies of the next set of pictures is similar to the anticipation of the next Harry Porter film. I have one of these kits waiting to be opened. And it’s good to see the work of more experienced and capable modellers to give me something to aim for.

I was particularly interested in the comment about the bombs. A while back, I had asked about the bonb bays because having looked at the instructions, I couldn’t see if a set of bomb’s could be fitted into the centre bay. Ratch, I think, had provided a list of representative loads which showed the centre bay capable of holding a set of bombs. However, the kit seems to have too narrow a gap. It will be interesting to see how your completed model looks. And yes, this is the cowards way out by letting someone else find out first....

The photos you have provided [much sharper than mine] make it clear to me that you have got the colours correct for the interior. I was more concerned by the equipment fit. The green-screened CRTs being more associated with the AEW2. The photos, assuming they are for an MR version, show the equipment fit does not include these units, so it’s up to the individual as regards altering the kit.

Thanks very much to you for updating my reference material.

Further to the point about the interior fit, there is an interesting video on YouTube with a gentlemen giving a guided tour of the inside of WR977, which appears to be an MR3. Now, assuming ‘MR’ interiors would be broadly similar, this would be an interesting reference for anyone contemplating a change to the kit’s AEW interior. There are a range of colours, depending on the section of the fuselage, and there’s even an old air conditioning unit by a window.

At great risk, I would observe the following.

The list of aircraft given in the replies covers some famous and interesting models of British aircraft, any of which would look great on a desk.

As a ‘newer person to modelling’, I would not question your skill, but I would question the stock of supporting materials needed to turn out one of these kits - paint, tools, painting implements, etc.

Finally, if it’s to be located on a desk, I assume it will be there for all to see. Your self satisfaction will require it to be well finished.

Again, at the risk of being accused of heresy, had you considered a Corgi die-cast from the Hornsby stable?


I was attempting to upload this from the Ipad files, without success. I have since tried to upload from the main computer. I hope it's successful this time. Others have been when uploading this way, it's just a pity iPad photos cannot be accessed.

This was not uploaded for some reason:


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