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Are these not just the old Tamiya models re-badged as Airfix?

 I was very dissapointed with tha last Buccaneer 're-tool' since it perpetuated the wrong nose profile of the NA.39 prototype. So dissapointed that I binned it!!!! This one does at least look as if that has been corrected (finally).

All we need now is a 1/48th re-release.

 I'd like to see the 1/48 scale version...

Been put off from completing my TSR-2 1/48 after the shoddy results I got with brush-on white paint on the 1/72 version. Never used a spray paint gun and not serious enough to want to buy one but I thought I could use a Halfords(?) spray can. It's all white so should not be an issue.

BUT, there are wide varieties of 'white'. Can anyone offer advice on which spray can 'white' I should use? Or does it not matter?


 Take note of steps 28 and 29 which I think are wrong. Don't remove that fairing for the flaps. Instead trim the inside of the wing for the other flap fairing.

 You are correct and my fix has rectified the issue more or less. The thing is the instruction sheet does not say that you do this BUT in steps 28 and 29 you are meant to remove the fairings for the flaps. This is wrong (too late for me) since this leaves the upper parts of parts G13 and G14 exposed. I think that steps 28 and 29 should be telling you to trim the internal parts of the wing as you described and NOT to remove the fairing.


Present for Christmas was a Victor which I started over the holidays.

Have a problem with the flaps which I set in the closed position. Having put them in place I was expecting a top half since when I fitted them (and they fitted into place) there is a gap between the upper surfaces and the flaps which looks wrong. I don't know what I have done wrong any ideas (though I fear it is too late)?

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