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  • What is the best glue ?

There is no such thing as the best glue.

What there is  ..... is the best glue for the particular job. 

In my models I tend to use polystyrene cement for the main plastic parts.  The one I use comes with a needle type applicator.  I also use superglue for small parts and etched brass and PVA glue.  This latter to fill small gaps (say between a deckhouse and the deck on my 1:600 ships), and to glaze small windows such as the portholes.

You will find you too will need a number of glue types to get the best results.

Feel free to ask away if you have any other queries.




Must get hold of a copy!

Well what do you know ...... you live and learn!

I use modelstrip.  It works a treat, removing gloss paints without damaging the plastic. It's not so effective of matt paints and usually needs a 2nd treatment to get rid of all the paint.

It is very aggressive so avoid getting it on your hands gloves are in order.

You liberally cover the parts in the cream and place them in a plastic bag, leaving them overnight.  Next day give them a thorough wash with warm soapy water ....I use an old toothbrush to get into the nooks an crannies.  You don't want to leave any paint remover on the plastic when you come to re-paint!


HI Jenson,   You'll find many members here have had exactly the same experience!  Welcome aboard.

In the case of polystyrene you can use a glue that "welds" the parts together.  In other words it softens the two plastic faces you are trying to stick together and then they fuse and become one. ........ similar to welding metal.  

This wouldn't work on resin parts where you'd need a "superglue" type.

Other materials require other glues ..... so as Paws says what is the material in question? 

Hmmmm ......I've found the pic of the Scarab in Hendon but it's not in stone camouflage......  Must be another one I'm thinking of.


Lovely little model Heather.  Thanks for reminding us about it.  I've got a photo of the one in the museum at Hendon.  I took the photo a few years ago.  It was used on the airfields and was painted in the typical malta "stone Camouflage"  I'll dig it up and post it here.

Just bought myself 10 mahogany bases for my ships.  I ordered them from a carpenter.  They are different sizes to fit the ships.......

The models look so much better when mounted properly.  Sorry about the poor quality pic.


You can get quite reasonable results using a brush - particularly on the smaller models. 

Here's a brush painted 1:72 Airfix Bulldog.

It is the larger models - where you have large surfaces to cover that an airbrush really comes into its own.  However, you would do well to gain a bit of experience using brushes before switching to airbrushing.

Ships are really my thing and there I tend to use airbrushing for the large surfaces (hull / superstructure), and brush for everything else.

As regards Airfix kits ...... the more modern ones I find are a delight to build.  Some of the very old ones are a bit of a challenge and need a fair bit of work...... but I enjoy working on them.   At the end of the day I feel I've actually built something rather than simply knocked something together.

 I suggest you discuss what you are after and what you are planning to buy or building here on this site and I'm sure you'll get all sorts of help an advice.


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