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As far as I know it can be used directly out of the bottle without thinning.

Are there any model clubs in your area?  Perhaps you could arrange to take the kits to one of their meetings.  It's best you get some idea of prices before you do though.

Recently a model maker passed away here in Malta and his son contacted the model clubs and agreed times when he would be at home.  Many club members from the area popped in to buy kits.  He had them priced .... not expensive prices ........... but not dirt cheap he sold a lot.  The important thing is to check whether there are any rare kits before you do anything.  Some go for very good prices.

Generally spoke, I think single engine planes are much easier to realize and sell.

Ah..... but just think how lovely a DH Comet Racer would be to 1:24.  I suppose there's no chance of that happening before the planet warms up!


There's a 1:24 Hellcat in this years you can tick that one off!


There is a product called Modelstrip.  It is a creamy sort of paste.  You coat the parts you want to clean with it, place them in a plastic bag and leave it overnight.  You wash the paste off the next day and the paint goes with it.  It works best with gloss enamels and slightly less well with matt paints.  The paint comes away bringing the plastic parts back to pristine condition.  The material is very aggressive so take care when using it.

This is what my france parts looked like before I started restoring it:

And this is how they looked after cleaning!

The 1:76 Airfix King Tiger and Cromwell are great.  I've just completed the Cromwell and was very pleased with how it went together.

Very nice build and nice collection!

You bet John.  I can still remember building the Bismark one Christmas Day.  I started it at 9:00am and was sailing it by the evening!  This was back in 1967 or so.  Here she is sinking the Suffolk!

I could never understand by my brother's Brownie camera pictures would always be blurred!!

Still unable to get myself to continue my Oceanic build I decided to go for another out-of-the-box build.  This time the Cromwell.  

I was again surprised at how well the parts went together and the level of detail provided.  The only parts I decided to replace were the guards to the lights (Parts 31A ) as I felt they were over thick.  I replaced them with wire of a suitable diameter.  

The model has been primed and I hope to complete the paint job tomorrow and to finish it all off by the weekend.

This must be a record for me kit built in a week!

I've just finished my red tail as Jumpin Jacques.  Must post some pics.  It was a delight to build.

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