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If you have any further questions just ask away. the way, I tend to use Humbrol Number 64 for the hull but really this will depend on which part of the world the ship was serving as the shades of grey were lighter for the Mediterranean and darker in the North Sea / Atlantic.

OK.... will try to answer your questions.  Let's start with the first one.....painting straight lines.  You do this by applying masking tape along the slightly raised line on the hull which indicates where the black "boot-Topping" should be.  You then run another strip of tape a few millimetres below it.  You can then paint between the tape. It doesn't matter if you paint over the edges of the tape because once you've finished painting you remove the tape and hey presto you have a perfect straight line.  Make sure you keep the distance between the two strips of tape equal all the way as otherwise the line won't be even along the length of the hull.  You'll notice I used normal sticky take on the Aircraft Carrier deck .....but it's far better to buy some low tack masking tape from a model shop. That way you don't risk spoiling your paintwork.

In order to glue the deck to the hull you will need to apply glue along the length of the hull and as soon as you place the deck in the correct position you use short strips of masking tape to hold it down.  You stick a bit of tape to the deck and then run it down the side of the hull pulling on it as you do so. This will pull the deck down tight against the hull.

Great to have you back John.  Looking forward to see your pics!

The good old "pepper-pot" herself!

I'll drink a toast to your father-in-law ......... and all the sailors and airmen who helped defend our island in WWII!

Good luck with the build and let us see pictures of her when she's done!


I recently saw an advert somewhere for a tool that would work for this sort of problem. It's actually designed to remove screws where the slots in the head have been eaten away.  It drills into the screw anticlockwise so that as it tightens on its way in it reaches a point where the turning force is such that it unscrews the offending part.

Perhaps something like that might work here.



I believe they have what you want.

This is my effort.

Some "far out" builds here!

Lovely build.  Must get one to build as "Faith"

I haven't bought one of the new release large scale ships but from what I've read in magazines they include some form of jig to help you create the shrouds & ratlines.  In the older issues they used to be premoulded in soft plastic and were very unrealistic. If you buy one of the old kits you will get those "old" style ratlines.  Sorry I can't be more specific but I am waiting to buy the Revenge and Royal Sovereign once these are re-released with these new ratlines ...... It's only then I will really know what they are all about!  Perhaps someone else on this site has bought one of these new vintage releases.  I don't plan to buy one of the older issues but will be going one of these new releases.

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