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I just want to be clear, it is not my intention to “bash” Airfix for the sake of it, I have good reason to take issue with them. Their new Wellington kit is not a cheap model, superb as it is, but my purchase has a defect and I expect a level of customer support that at least matches a minimum standard, in my opinion Airfix has not lived up to this. Their response to my complaint was dismissive by telling me to take it back to the retailer when I clearly informed them that I had bought it direct from Airfix. 

I am mindful that this is another forum members build thread and do not wish to detract from it.


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 I emailed Airfix yesterday and got a response very quickly from their Customer Care team asking me to give the batch/trace number on the little white label on the back of the box, they didn't say if it was a wide spread problem or not.


My kit also has this fault but the response from Airfix has not been favourable. Some guff about the kit having been bought within the last 12 months and the place of purchase being able to replace or refund me.  

Two things, it was released less than a month ago and they sold it to me! Hmmm?

Hi David,

I have photos of the wing fold of the RAF Phantom at Hendon but I cannot upload the photo. From what I can see it looks like the wing rib at the hinge line is painted with aluminium paint. Whether this is any use to your RN Phantom question I don’t know but at least it’s an idea.

Buccaneer, in 1/72 or 1/48.

Seaking HAR3/3A, in 1/48.

Phantom FGR2, in 1/48.

Puma HC1/2, in 1/72 or 1/48.


That is all...

What is this "political statement"? I'm intrigued. 

Going back to the 78 Sqn Sea King, the decal artwork has a typo in the aircraft serial (the box art is correct), ZH586 is a Eurofighter Typhoon. 

XZ586 was an ex-Falklands cab that spent a couple of years on D Flt 202 Sqn in her grey paint.

You can't please everybody but I am am quite content. The highlights for me are the 151 Sqn Hawk, Victor K2, Wellington, Phantom FGR2 and the 78 Sqn Seaking (well the RWR fairings are in the 22 Sqn boxing so not really a surprise) - but is there any chance of correcting the instructions regarding the aerial fit please?

Try shining a torch from the other side, sometimes you can see the holes where the plastic is thinner.


Was it this company?

This old Airfix kit has been embellished with white metal intake filters and the Whirlybirds detailing and decal set to create 230 Sqn's Puma HC1 as shown at RIAT Fairford in 1997. I was on this detachment and after helping to stick all those tigerstripes on and then applying a coat of PX to make it shiny I retired to the beer tent for the weekend.

We were fortunate to take a cab to Fairford that year as the Sqn was heavily tasked with supporting the RUC and Army; the IRA announced their second ceasefire during the detachment. No special paint scheme could be applied  to the aircraft and all the decals were made from black self adhesive fablon type material pre-cut before departure and applied at Fairford. It all had to be removed again before the return flight to RAF Aldergrove where it was discovered that the adhesive from the decals had remained on the paint and attracted lots of exhaust particles!

There is some silvering to the decals and this is due to lousy paint and varnish...made in China. The Whirleybirds kit is excellent and includes plenty of lumps and bumps to recreate a Puma in the NI P1 or P2 role as a Nitesun light and mounting frame is in the kit, a small deficiency is the lack of the intake filters and Jimpy and pintle for the RH cabin door. Composite rotor blades with the correct droop are also in the aftermarket kit.

It's about time Airfix re-tooled this kit and upgraded it to the current HC2 model perhaps.

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