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Looks very nice, did you hand or airbrush?

Not bad at all for a second attempt. Your construction and painting look very good.

Here are a few pointers;

On the tail decal (transfer) I think I can see some silvering, this is when air gets trapped underneath the transfer. One way of dealing with this is to give the model a coat of gloss varnish which will help prevent the air from getting trapped, then a coat of matt varnish to give the finish you want and to seal in the transfer. Doesn't always work as I sometimes still get silvering on my models, but it does help a lot.

I see you have also painted the frames for the canopy. To improve the look you can mask the frames with cut up bits of masking tape to get straight edges. You can even buy masking sets that saves having to do any cutting, but these can be quiet expensive when first starting out. Also before painting the top colour onto the frame paint the cockpit colour, then it will look like the inside frames have also been painted.


Hope that helps, only meant to be constructive criticism. Keep on doing what is good for you and what you enjoy. As John the Pom always says 'We do this for fun'.

Finally finished. Had no problems adding the final bits and pieces. All painting was by hand, including frame lines, using mostly Humbrol Acrylics.

In conclusion a really enjoyable build, and as long as you stick to the instructions and dry fit a few times you should have no problem with the construction. I needed very little filler, except for one of the under wing/ fuselage joins, which was probably my fault anyway. I now have an unusual addition to my Bomber Command collection, I need an Avro Manchester now, how about it Airfix?

I also have a lot of spare parts, including a complete ball turret, seven nice 50 cal MG's and tyres, which are all set to glam up an old Hasegawa B-17F I have in the loft.

Next up though will be my two Phantom FG 1's!

The decals have now been applied. I had no issues what so ever they all went on without problem. I did however not put on all the tiny stencils as they are hardly visible.

Just the small bits and pieces and a few transparencies to put on now and some weathering to finish off.

Nose art for 'Take it Easy'

Code placement on the port side. The centre of the 'B' and 'U' contained no carrier film which was good for silvering, but did mean that great care was need to prevent the letters deforming.

Starboard side codes. Those in the know will see that I have cut them up and placed the squadron code letters together giving me 'E-BU' instead of the suggested 'B-UE'. If that's right or not I don't know. 

Looks okay from a distance. Maybe take a few more pics from a bit closer?

Thanks Dominic,


I did read that thread about the code placements and at the moment am in two minds about how to place the letters. If you do have any extra info it would be received with thanks.




A quick update, finished the basic colour scheme and now ready to start adding decals after a couple of coats of Clear varnish.

You may note the broken off tail wheel which needs fixing.

Colours are Hu 33 matt black underside, Hu 29 dark earth and Mr Colour dark green topside, all hand painted. Most of the time was taken up with masking.


Here is the painting guide and decals to start going on tomorrow.


All the bits and pieces not used in this build, including seven nicely detailed 50 cal machine guns, diamond tread tyres, complete ball and chin turrets, US bomb load, cockpit canopy and retracted and extended H2S radar dome that fits into the ball turret opening. 


On the final straight now and will have more pictures when the decals are on.

Here's what we are talking about

An interesting history on the air stair, especially when you add the fact that XR770 was painted in Saudi markings when first flown to take part in a Farnborough display, and with 5 Sqn she wore first the tactical grey green camo, then four differing versions of the low viz scheme. How about someone like Xtradecal bringing out a sheet just for this aircraft?

How about the old Catalina, the Beaufighter, Mosquito, Shackleton, Nimrod (pushing it a bit) but also the Hampden was used by Coastal, as was the Walrus and I bet a Coastal boxing of the new wellington will be along in a while.

Hi Silverfoxdmt73,


Spitfires have two flap settings. The flap is either fully up or fully down, close to 90 degrees, there are no stages inbetween. 

WWII British aircraft usually have cockpits in cockpit grey/greem, which is Humbrol 79 I think and Humbrol 85 is coal black, a satin black colour.

Hope that helps



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