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Pretty mediocre modeller

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I would say that looks like a two seat trainer Zero (an A6M2-K or A6M5-K), not the single seater airfix produces if you were thinking of using their kit. 

Would love to see more Fleet air Arm releases in 1/72 (which Airfix seem to be pretty good at lately), such as Albacore, Barracuda, Skua/Roc, early Seafire, decent Sea Hurricane (and a new and improved Hurricane II while you're at it!), Firefly, Seahawk (Jet fighter not helicopter), Supermarine Attacker and Scimitar, Whirlwind Helicopter, Wasp (and Scout), new tool Lynx and Wessex. Also a mod of the Gladiator into a Sea Gladiator, and some more Naval Seakings.

reminds of the time the BNP's leader Nick Griffin did a press conference in front of a big picture of a Spitfire ( I suppose to show what a great country Britain was). Ironically for a party that was anti immigration it was a picture of the BBMF's Vb in the Polish markings of Jan Zumbach! That karma can really come back and bite you. 

All great builds Jeff, especially like the Aussie F-111.

Just started on my Battle of Britain themed build for the 80th anniversary. The Revell 1/72 Junkers Ju-88A-1. I've wanted a kit of a BoB period A-1 in my collection for as long as I can remember. Did think it would be Airfix though, as they have new tooled all the other BoB aircraft!

All finished now. Decals went on without any issues, as expected, then a couple of coats of matt and all was done. This was a nice little no nonsense build, with no pitfalls. I would highly recommend it, I will be getting another when the next boxing comes out.

That red and white thing is an oil drum that comes in the kit to put under the tail, in case you don't put enough nose weight in it!





A shot of two Vietnam Air War adversaries, MiG 17F 'Fresco' and F-100D Super Sabre

Hi Old_Tonto, I've put loads of weight in the nose and behind the cockpit, and it does sit on all three nicely.

The MiG is all painted up now, following the painting guide on the instructions, then all remaining parts were attached such as undercarriage, canopy and tanks. All went on with no problems. Finally the areas where decals are to be placed were gloss coated. I will not be putting on the stencils as I think these would have been painted over.

Hope to have her finished tonight.

Hope I provide inspiration Peter!

This kit builds up pretty quickly with no pitfalls so far. The cockpit is nicely enough detailed for this scale, and the instrument decals are much better than previous efforts. There is a choice of tailpipe depending on whether you have the airbrakes open or closed. Don't forget to put the weight in the nose if you are doing wheels down.


Things all went together well, and pretty quickly once the cockpit was together. I do like the way the wings attach , and if you are careful no filler is required on that join. The only place I needed any filler was a touch around the nose ring to blend it in. In fact the join lines only needed a tiny bit of sanding to make them invisible.

All ready to start painting now. 


Looks like it's sorted

Are you doing a modern day Vlad the Inpaler diorama Ratch? Wink

Hi All,


I recently completed a Vietnam era F-100D Super Sabre, so I have pulled my MiG 17 from the stash to keep it company on the shelf.



I will be using this book as reference;



I have a set of decals for North Vietnamese MiG 17, 19 and 21's which I intended to use, but the kit decals are just more interesting, so I'm sticking with them. However, they won't go to waste as I have a MiG 19 and MiG 21F-13 waiting in the wings.


The plastic looks nice on the sprues. I have read some reviews pointing out shape errors in the wing inner leading edge (it should be sharper), however this is a small issue for me and I will be leaving it alone. There are lots of alternate, or unused parts pointing to other versions in the future.


The instructions are Airfix's usual standard, which means nice and clear.


That's it for now, but I should have progress to post fairly soon.

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