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Well done T2B,

Good to get some perspective on things!

Hi Ratch,


Nicely done. What blue did you use as I'm completing a 92 Sqn F2 with blue fin?



More progress has been made, the fuselage is together the wings on and nearly ready for painting to start.

The components for one of the wings. The wing top is specific for the boxing being either the 'straight' F1, F2 or F3 as here or the 'kinked' F2a or F6, the underwing surface and flaps are the same for both, while the underwing leading edge insert is again specific to mark. Trouble is it lead to some massive steps on the underside when constructed. Sorry about the blurry image.

Starboard wing underside, showing step left by leading edge.

The port underside after some major sanding to leave just a small impression for the panel line. Unfortunately most of the delicate surface detail has been lost.

Not a very clear shot, but here you can see the sink mark which is present on both wing tops.

The wings on the fuselage, filler can be seen on the wingtips. The port one went on no problem, but the starboard one left a big gap on the top surface, which was fixed with water soluble putty and a damp cotton bud in the course of about 5 minutes.

The airframe all ready for painting to start. Nose ring has been added,as well as blanking and gun muzzle plates around the nose. The gun muzzles are represented by slight indents, so they were opened up with a pin vice for a more realistic appearance.

A top view of the Lightning, showing the white filler on the starboard wingroot.

I've also started to put together some of the smaller sub-assemblies, such as these Firestreak missiles. Painting will start soon.

Thanks Paws, I am planning to put weight wherever I can.


Some more progress, the painted tub and seat, some decals and weathering to go on, looks very black and plain at the moment.


The nose internal assembly put together.

The intake sides and rear bulkhead/compressor face went together no problem, the intake bullet was a bit of an issue.


All the internal sub assemblies dry fitted into the starboard fuselage half. All went in well and no issues when I dry fitted the other half.


I should have the fuselage buttoned up pretty soon now and will post when I do. 

Been making some slow progress, got the cockpit part together and given them a coat of matt black. I was going to include the pilot figure with this one, but he is far to tall, the firing handles for the ejection seat are round by his ears instead of above his head! Ive also started work on the other internal sub assemblies, the intake/ radome/ nosewheel bay and the jet pipes.


Here is the assembled and partly painted cockpit and seat, and the parts for the intake and exhausts. The nose assembly consists of 5 parts and the exhaust 6. The breakdown of the newer 1/72 Lighntings is very similar.


The painted and (partly) assembled internals. The jetpipes just clipped together no problem, and look effective when done. They were painted a mix of gun metal (75%) and antique bronze (25%), as specified in the instructions, and this looks a good representation of burnt metal. The intake radar bullet went together fine, and contains some metal nose weight (a bolt and several nuts, in blu tack). The fit of the assembly inside the intake trunking is a bit vague and leaves gaps where the wheel well walls join together.These parts have now been joined and apart from that went together fine. More detail painting of the cockpit area continues.

After finishing my latest project (Finemolds Me 410B-2),I fancied a change from my usual scale of 1/72, so went looking in the loft and came back with this;


This is the original boxing of the 1/48 Lightning, I bought it when it first came out in 1998, and since then it's been acting as loft insulation. The marked price says £21.99!


The important  bit! This seems very similar to the newer 1/72 Lightning, maybe this is where they got their inspiration? The panel line detail seems better that a lot of more modern Airfix kits.


The instructions and decals. Unlike the latest re-release which has 3 options this original boxing has 6 different markings choices, all in natural metal finish, a F.1 of 74 Sqn with black fin and spine, a F.1a of 56 Sqn with red trim of the Firebirds display team, a F.2 of 92 Sqn with blue fin and spine, three F.3's of 23 Sqn (white fin and spine), 29 Sqn (no trim) and 111 Sqn (black fin and spine, with yellow trim).

You may notice two decal sheets, luckily enough they were both in the box when I brought it, so I have backup if I mess up! 

The instruction booklet includes photos of some of the actual aircraft on the sheet. There are only twenty odd construction stages, compared to around a hundred in some of the latest releases. Alas some of the diagrams are not as clear as the more modern ones.


Some inspiration and reference material.


I will post again when some progress is made.


Just received the Freightdog Models A&AEE 'Raspberry Ripple' Nose conversion to add to my Airfix FG.1.

Thanks for the comments T2B and John. John, just remember that the plane is just a tool and not responsible for what's done with it.


The last few bits and pieces are now on and the kit is finished.

The remaining flap actuators were fitted over the white decal and painted to fit in with the underlying colour.


Overall an enjoyable and pretty easy build. The moulds have been modified since their first release, and the panel lines are now not so pronounced, and the wing fences are no longer separate parts. The only major issue I had with the kit was the canopy that did not fit well. A relaxing project after the Fortress and Phantom.

Good luck with this kit, as it is really showing its age now, and there are much better Ju88 kits on the market ( some of which are much more expensive). Let's hope that Airfix listen to us and produce a Ju88A-1 to complete their Battle of Britain trio.

Ps. if you get the chance compare your Airfix kit to the latest new tool Revell Ju88A-4 from about 8 years ago.

Once all the seems were sorted out, some of the smaller parts, such as undercarriage and doors plus the smoke generator went on. The generator and inner undercarriage doors were painted and decalled before fitting to save some awkwardness later. 

Another small modification I made was to the nose wheel doors. Airfix has them as divided into two halves, whereas in reality the first 3/4 of the doors are divided down the middle while the section nearest the leg is a smaller separate door. Hopefully the photo will explain what I mean.  

You can see the new door made from plastic card, and also a small blade aerial from card which was missing from the kit (but on the cover illustration and painting guide).


Next the one part canopy was painted and attached. The frames were first painted black (the interior colour), then white as an undercoat for the final coats of red. The fit was very tight, and much sanding and scraping of edges took place, and pressure had to be applied all the time the glue dried.

Can you spot the mistake, yes I forgot to install the clear internal shield between the front and rear cockpit! Luckily it was fairly easy to remove the canopy as I had used wood glue as it dries clear.


An undercoat of white, and three top coats of 'Arrows Red' followed. All hand painted.

The fin was not painted as it will be completely covered by a decal. The shield is now in place!


A couple of shots of the main decalling completed. It was most tricky as everything has to be lined up exactly or it is really obvious. Smaller decals and finishing off next.

The fin edges will need some slight touching up with paint.


The two inner flap actuator fairings were left off the underside of each wing as it would have been impossible to place the white arrow head decals over them. I would be nice if Airfix mentioned this in the instructions.

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