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Finally got the last few bits and pieces done and it is now finished. One more thing about the stripes on the fuselage is that the black shows through the star and bar marking if you don't undercoat it. Also on the photos you can see that the control surfaces have been painted a slightly faded shade of olive drab, as the fabric weathered differently to the metal.

Had some issues fitting the windscreen, especially the left hand side panel.


Notice the removable para boarding step (Fixed in place on the model)



Altogether an enjoyable build, with most of the parts fitting well, resulting in an eye catching model

You've done a good job on that kit. Love the butterfly tail.

I have one in my stash to build sometime. I was originally thinking of the Belgium markings, but now gone off the idea, maybe I'll get some aftermarket Israeli ones and do an armed version.

Thanks for the positive comments guys.

A few points, the plane is from the same Group and Base (Upottery in Devon) as 'Band of Brothers' but a different squadron to that depicted in the series transporting 'Easy' Company. On the model itself, I think that the fuselage bands are to narrow at 8mm each as stated on the paint guide, 10mm would be better. Also the instructions have you add the rear tail cone, which I did, but in reality they were almost always left off during WWII operations, this was because the glider cable hook up was under here. This would have saved some filling and sanding. Should be all done by tomorrow night

Sorry for not posting for awhile, I've not been to well which impacted on my modelling.

Decalling is completed and a few small components to add and paint before the final matt coats and a little weathering. Anyone doing the D-day option be aware that some of the stenciling is under the stripes on the wing underside and these should be missed out. A nice touch are the tiny black circles for the cabin windows which represent the firing ports for the soldiers. Difficult to put on though.

With reference to the Vintage Jetstream release, this kit was based on a cancelled order for the USAF, and is only applicable to the USAF specification, it can't be built accurately as any RAF/ RN or civil aircraft without modification, mainly to the engine instillation I think. Basically it's a What If model, though nothing wrong with that if it's your thing.

Just seen the new releases for 2019, great to see a NEW TOOL Buccaneer and MiG 17 in 1/72. I will defo buy at least 1 of each. All those 1/35 armour kits, they can't all be new tool Airfix, they must be someone else's in Airfix boxes? With the vintage kits some gems there, I'll be getting a Heron when it comes out. Quite happy altogether.

Hi Everyone,


Was just wondering what you all built in 2018, here's what I put together, only 10 this year, I'm sure some of you did many more (yes Ratch I'm talking about you);


Airfix Fortress III 1/72

Airfix Phantom FG.1 1/72

Academy Me 163B 1/72

Airfix Red Arrows Hawk T1 1/72

FineMolds Me 410B-2 1/72

Airfix Bf 109E-7 1/48

Airfix Lightning F2 1/48

Airfix Spitfire Vb 1/48

Airfix Beagle Bassett 1/72

Airfix Martlet IV 1/72

Over the Christmas break I've painted my Skytrain and it's now ready for decals. All was done by hand with a brush, using mainly Humbrol Acrylics, with one exception. The basic colour scheme was easy enough with Humbrol 128 USN Light Gull Grey standing in for the neutral grey undersides, and Hu155 Olive Drab for the top surfaces. The demarcation between the two was soft, so no masking needed here, but this was soon to change. The next colour was the Medium Green blotches along the edges of the flying surfaces. As I did not have this colour as an Acrylic, and there isn't a good substitute in the Humbrol range I hunted through my enamel collection and found a tin of old Humbrol Authentic HU 1 Medium Green, which hadn't been opened for at least 30 years! After a very good stir it went on just fine though.

Now for the difficult bit, masking all the de-icing strips and invasion stripes. After a lot of measuring and fiddling about with narrow strips of tape, plus touch ups after the masking was removed, I'm more or less happy with the results. The stripes will be kept looking clean and fresh as I'm modelling the aircraft just before it's D-day mission on the night of June 5/6, when the black and white paint had just been applied.

I actually made three changes from the painting guide. I'm not saying that I'm right and the Airfix guide is wrong, but what I've done makes sense to me! First, I didn't include the anti glare panel in front of the cockpit, I couldn't find any photos of wartime C-47's with this, and why would it need one as the paint there is matt olive drab? Two, I didn't carry the invasion stripes over the wing leading edges as these were rubber de-icing boots, and if these were painted the paint would flake off when used. Third, It seems the fuselage stripes are about 8mm to far forward on the Airfix paint guide so I moved mine back a little.


I also worked on some of the smaller parts while painting the airframe, here are the main undercarriage parts, props, and the loading ramp and troop steps. The last two aren't mentioned in the instructions, but I will be fitting the troop steps on mine.


Next up will be decalling.

Unfortunately I'd be surprised if they did Finnish decals because of that dratted  crocked cross, unless there's a post war option with roundles like the original release of the Bf 109G new tool.

KT = King Tiger

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