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I to have had trouble with receiving my membership card and welcome pack, sent two emails with no responce and finally got the phone number and phoned them up to be told they were sending them out at the beginning of April

Looks really good, can't wait till December to get one. I have an old Revell boxing of the Frog Shackleton in the loft, I think it will stay there!

I noticed that on some of the CAD drawings the model had a large radadome underneath, does this mean we can expect an AEW 2 boxing next year?


As my chosen scale is 1/72, I am really happy with this years releases. for next year how about the following, all new tools;

  • Junkers Ju 88A-1 Battle of Britain
  • New tool Beaufighter modified to an early nightfighter
  • Avro Manchester
  • Avro Lincoln
  • Newly Tooled Vulcan to complete the avro heavies
  • Lysander
  • Aichi 'Val' to go  with the 'Kate'
  • Mitsubishi 'Betty' bomber
  • Fairey Firefly
  • Fairey Barracuda

Any two or three of those and I would be really happy!


I've been building Airfix kits since I was about 7, which is 39 years ago! I've always been building, but when the kids were born it sort of tailed off a bit for a couple of years. My collection is over 300 strong now, mostly 1/72 aircraft, with a few vehicles for good measure, about half are Airfix.

I like to build in themes, such as 'Battle of Britain', 'Falklands War', 'Korea' etc, but never seem to finish anything, here are a few photos of my latest completions.

Revell Ju 88A-4, aftermarket Hungarian markings

Zvezda Ju88 A-5, markings from the spares box

Hasegawa Ju88 C-6, picked this up for about £16 at an airshow, result.

New Tool Airfix Defiant, more like this please Mr Airfix!

Italeri MB 339AA

MisterCraft 1/72 Lynx, Xtradecal markings. This is a work in progress, it may not look it now but there is more filler than plastic here, I wish I could have got the Airfix Kit!

I hope you all aprove. All are brush painted, and if you look closely enough you can see the brush strokes

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