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Sorry about the long break on this build, I kind of lost my modelling mojo for a while and ended up building a 1/48 Bf 109E to get back into it.

Anyway, I've since got the lightning back down off the shelf and dusted the model off, sanded the joins and hand painted it with Humbrol Metalcote polished aluminium. For a hand painted silver finish it's not to bad from a normal viewing distance, but up close you can see the brush marks. A couple of coats of Klear followed and now it's ready for decals. I'm going for the 92 Squadron F2 with the blue tail.



"Even though I don't usually build in 1/48 "

It shows, not least in the data plate that reads "Scale 1/72".

Well spotted, I'll change that tonight thenEmbarassed

My 109 now's all done and finished. The undercarriage when on easily enough, with a good positive strong fit for the made legs, which have a square peg that ensures correct alignment. The canopy was in three parts, so it could be modelled open or closed (I chose closed). The kit also contains the earlier E-1 or 3 canopy variant, which is more rounded as an alternative. It was then just the small bits and pieces, a couple of coats of varnish and a little weathering and that was it. The weathering was kept to a minimum to represent an aircraft that had just started testing.


Even though I don't usually build in 1/48, I found this kit straightforward to put together, with good fit and nice detail. There are plenty of options that allow almost any 109E variant to be built, including three different types of bomb. Building this kit has really helped me get over my modelling block!

A quick update.

All the decals are now applied, except for a few of the smaller stencils that I left off. I think the scheme is interesting, being a standard Luftwaffe camoflage with the Japanese national and tactical markings.

I'm on the final leg now, next up undercarriage, canopy and small parts to go on, then a couple of coats of matt varnish and some weathering and she's done.

Main painting is now complete, some detail painting to go then a couple of coats of Klear before it's time for the decals. All colours were applied by brush, and are mainly Humbrol acrylics, apart from the light blue RLM 65 underside which is Revel acrylic. The scheme is standard Luftwaffe for the time (65/02/71), with the fuselage sides dappled with 02 over the 65. The yellow inner wing leading edges were a Japanese Army Airforce recognition marking.

The 02/71 uppers really stand out. The splinter scheme was done freehand and not masked as the original was soft edged.

Just a quick update. The upper surface camouflage of RLM 02 and 71 (German internal grey and dark green) has started to go on, as can be seen in the background. In the foreground are the unused under-fuselage ordinance and carriers, front to back 4 x 50Kg bombs, 250Kg bomb, 500Kg bomb and 300 Lt drop tank. all this is bound for the spares box.

I believe it was only the first batch of Corsair I's that were delivered without clipped wings. These were retained for training duties for the first FAA Corsair pilots within the USA and were never used aboard RN carriers.

@Mr de Havilland

Larger Scale Vampire, FB5, FB3, T11

revvell do a sea venom in 1/32 scale.

I think that's the old Matchbox kit from the 70's re-boxed

Which version are you building John?

Early Hawk T1 weapon training aircraft (wrap round grey and green camouflage) would have had the centre line gun pack and either bombs or rocket pods on the inner wing pylon (RAF Hawk T1's didn't have the outer wing pylon option, and weren't plumbed for drop tanks). Later some Hawks were modified to T1A standard, these carried an air superiority grey scheme and would carry Sidewinders on the inners and the gun pod. The basic jet trainer T1's would not carry any gun pods or pylons and were painted in the trainer scheme of red, white and light grey.

Now all Hawks are black (save the Red Arrows of course), so the fit will depend on the squadron and task, but can include air combat manoeuvring pods. By the way, all the Red Arrow aircraft used to be T1A's and the team had a war roll as point defence fighters, as did all the training unit T1A's, but I think this option had been dropped with the end of the Cold War.

Can't help with stages 13 & 14, maybe if you scan in a picture of what you are talking about?



To be fair, not one of Airfix's best new tools, the main problem is the tail being well undersized, but the prop is also to small, the carburettor intake the wrong shape and the panel lines very deep. Saying that, I've built two and they went together okay. The Swordfish is so much better!

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