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Peter S, thanks for the advice, but I have already tried that.  I even spoke to the RAF Air Historical Branch and have seen the original hand written records of the crash and all combat reports written by my uncle.  Whilst they can tell me the serial numbers of the engines (!) nothing records the individual aircraft letter.  I've drawn a blank.  I may have to resort to making a model of the aircraft he flew the day before, for which I have a photo.

Thanks to all for helping.

@Dominic Thomas

As a final comment to KB666, I have exhausted my sources, with no joy on the code. Although I did find a fairly comprehensive write-up on the crash on the Aircrew Remembered website. 

If the code does come to light, I would be keen to know the source. Best of luck ....


Apologies to Heather for hijacking the post.

Many thanks to all and apologies to Heather for piggy-backing on her thread.  KB666 butting out!

@Dominic Thomas

Sorry about this Heather .....

My research into T2112 indicates it was destroyed on 20.10.1940 by hitting a mosque. There is a disagreement about this happening on take-off or landing. I have yet to determine the individual code letter.

The fact of the matter is that they lost an engine during take off and crashed whilst attempting to land back at the airfield.  My uncle was the Observer (navigator); he died the following day of injuries sustained.  203 Sqn were based at Khomaksar (Aden) and the accident happened on Kamaran Island in the Red Sea.  I am attempting to build a model of all types associated with my uncle; hence why I would like to know the individual code letter.


Heather as I've mentioned I now have a reference book on the Blenheim which largely deals with the actions of aircraft and crews. If you let me know the serial number and squadron of the aircraft you decide upon I'll check and see if there is an action report pertaining to your chosen aircraft? 

Heather, T2B, forgive me for jumping in on this thread, but I can't seem to find a way of PMing on this forum.

.  T2B, you mention your Blenheim book and I get the sense that you may be able to discern the code letters for a given aircraft.

My interest is in MkIVf, T2112 serving with 203 Sqn when lost on 20 Oct 40.  My research so far shows that it would have worn the allocated sqn code NT, but as for the individual letter...?

T2B, can you help?

I'm in for a Frogeye!

Count me in, though a modificaion to a 500 series wpuld be awesome!

Yes, yes, yes!

I'll have one too!

Made Little Nellie about 2 months ago - fantastic kit, really enjoyed making it.

Beautiful aircraft, fantastically detailed (for it's time) 144 kit.  I've got one made up and was thinking of re-doing it, but a second one would be even better.  Come on, who's with me??

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