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Leslie entwhistle

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looking forward to building the Jag and the buggy ,with the more choice in modern paints etc they should look even better 

would love to see a few 1/32nd scale cars from the past .ie Morris Marina,Vauxhall Victor,loved these kits as a kid ,so come on airfix lets have some new old kits ,i know the moulds have gone but im sure you can make something from that era

no i dont think we should bring back the old 1/32nd cars i would much rather see airfix move into the 1/24th 1/25 th scale for cars i think they would sell well even in an over crowded market if done correctly ,just be selective in choice add details and price accordingly to a world market and im sure the airfix name will fly again 

me again ,ive built airfix cars for as long as i can rmember till i found other manufactures and a different scale (1/24th 1/25th ) ,they are far superior as regaurds detail you can also get photo etch parts to add more detail ,if airfix were to go down the 1/24th 1/25th scale i would start buying them again 

i dont come on here so much but it seems its just not cars that airfix are cutting back on just look at their catalogue for this year 

ah remember this one so well , as a kid i converted this to motorway police ,white with a bright orange stripe down the sides scratched built a box for the top ,cant remember if i put decals and blue light on it and if i did where these came from

well guys there is such a lot of cars that could be made by airfix ,im not going to list any of my favourites but lets just encourage the guys at airfix to make more cars of the  past and present ,we seem to be left out compaired to the aircraft side of our hobby

here here totally agree bring the vauxhall victor back, the prices are rediculise

hi i think it looks better without the bumpers

Ive been a huge fan of airfix kits when i was a kid i can remember rushing into town on a weekend with my pocket money to buy an airfix kit,it didnt matter which one just what ever took my fancy at the time but as i got older i built more cars than any other models so i would like to see the morris marina reissued as it holds a soft spot for me,when i was an apprentice mechanic the garage i worked for was the local BMC dealer,that was the late 70s early 80s so come on airfix bring the marina back please

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