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Just a note by way of update to Ratch's comprehensive info. In 1973 coinscident with the blue box and round logo, one of the laying firing figures was substitued by a nicely moulded figure of a man firing the Japanese light machine gun of the time.  For some reason the single figure was the only one in the set ever updated. You know you have an original set if 4 laying firing riflemen are on the sprue!

Just had to comment on this. Beautiful work! ...and thanks for taking the time to show it.

 I've been using Humbrol Authentics enamels that I bought in the mid seventies until I ran out this past summer. On the flip side, my son has opened several of the new Humbrol Acrylics that I bought for him a couple of Christmases ago only to find they were dried up. By opened I mean they still had the tamper proof clear plastic around them!

 I'm also pretty happy with what will be produced this year. A good Brit F4 is long overdue. Given the general economic uncertainty this year, I'm pleased that anything new is on offer. I know there are a large number of kits that we would all like to see, but in order to produce them, they have to have a reasonable expectation of recovering on the investment. This year's releases seem like a fairly safe bet and hopefully will generate sufficient revenues to fund new projects. Airfix usually deliver in spades when they decide to do something, so a little patience may be in order. I really can't see them not doing a new Vulcan or JU88 in 1/72 when time and circumstance permit. 

 I have or have had them all with the exception of the Southern Cross.

I've built:

Bismarck 1962

Graf Spee 1971

HMS Ajax 1965

HMS Ark Royal 1966

HMS Campbeltown 1961

HMS Cossack 1960

HMS Hood 1960

HMS Hotspur 1964

HMS Iron Duke 1970

HMS Manxman 1972

HMS Nelson 1961

HMS Suffolk 1964

HMS Victorious 1960

HMS Warspite 1963

RMS Queen Elizabeth 1962

Scharnhorst 1964

Tirpitz 1968

HMS Fearless 1968

USS Forrestal 1978

HMS Tiger 1960

HMS Amazon 1972

HMS Daring 1961

HMS Devonshire 1963

Rommel 1971

HMS Leander 1970

Moskva 1973

Apologies to Ratch who did the heavy lifting on the names.Laughing



 Nothing wrong with those and I see you've already invested in a substantial supply of appropriate paint and ancillary tools!

 I'm pretty sure these are actually US-sourced moulds from MPC rather than Airfix's own. The MPC versions were in a harder plastic than Airfix used. Similarly the Modern US Infantry (1759) share the same history.

 I've built Airfix kits since the sixties and after a fairly long hiatus, started back into the hobby with my son when he reached 4. He's 17 now and in the intervening years, we've shared many an hour sitting at the family room table building something or other as his interests have progressed through figures, vehicles and aircraft. We especially look forward to Christmas as something from Airfix invariably arrives and we both have the time to sit down and work on it.   

I haven't counted either, but it has to number in the hundreds. My friend and I were the builders for Parker Brothers (the main distributor of Airfix) back in the 70's when we were in Air Cadets so much of what we built went on tour.  

 Looks like there will be some fierce competition amongst us modellers to get a hold of these once they are released!

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