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wish it was the buc S1, maybe next year

all my money goes abroad on new kits several hundered pounds worth, why Airfix do not do ships in 1/350 anymore

Lets hope for some old cars and motorbikes even some figures

 these cars would be great, do them in sets of two be a good seller, i mean the moulds are there why not release them not as if they got to make new moulds

 got mine all ok thanks airfix now what about a two car set sunbeam and morris

will never happen, its AIRfix the clue is in the name. they could do a holland sub,A class sub, monitor, warrior and victory all at protsmouth, cavalier gannet and ocelot at chatham, caroline at belfast, Trincomalee at Hartlepool great britian at bristol the list goes on all these ships can be walked on meausered etc. but no

What is with Airfix every year RED ARROWS new kit or released, nice to see some outside bets coming through defaint, shack so on but ye gods give us a new buccaner at least, you can even do a RAF one too.

 Some interesting suggestions for ship in 1/350, what Airfix need is some thing which will sell lots off, that why they could look at a WWII emergancy war destoryer. WHY?

1  there were loads off them,

2 there were lots of classes (i know people who make 1 of each class

3 they went to foriegn navys eg India, packestain eygpt israle norway + more not listed

4 the latter c/ca/cs class were the same only differances being radar and mast fits

5 HMS Cavalier is still afloat (could sell the kit in the ships shop)

6 theres one to measure and walk on theres plenty of weapons around diff yards to scan

All that would make it a good bet for Airfix to do. BUT AIRFIX the clue is in the NAME, btw have you seen the Subs from east europe mikro mir RN R class ssn, K class WW1 , M1 1920, M2 to come , M3 to come, HOLLAND1 all 1/350 so there is some hope

 Let Airfix remember the RN Type 45, anybody could see the Anchor placement was wrong, other than that a very nice kit but a swine to move that anchor


 Same old BORING kits all for the plane modellers its 100 years since Jutlant next year the Largest Naval Battle ever will you do anything    NOT on your NELLIE oh you maybe reissue that Very Old  Dog Iron Duke

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