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Have tosay I disagree with those who say there's not much exciting this year in aircraft. Seriously looking forward to the new Buccaneer & Fresco. Cant wait to finally get hands again on the re released Sea Vixen, and the 1/24 Hellcat is a great fresh addition to the range. 

Tanks are not my personal bag, but a I know some who are excited abouted the big rerelease catalogue for this year. I'm with the poster who comments on re release for investments sake, and I reckon Airfix have made some pretty good & well informed decisons on what to develop and what to bring back from the past.

Well done guys.................. Can we pleeease have a new tool 1/72 Superfortress next.

Got to be for me a couple of WW2 icons to go with the brilliant new tools from the same era that have been released recently:-

A 1/72 B29 Superfortress, how good would this look on the shelf with the same scale B17 from last year, with a C47 Skytrain in the middle................ &

A 1/48 Mitsubishi Zero, which would make a fantastic "Dogfight Doubles" partner for either of the two American reecent releases,the P51 Mustang or P40 Warhawk.................

Or one from cold war era:- (which has been mentioned by other posters)

A 1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer, would make a great pairing as an Ark Royal display with the superb RN Phantom Airfix gave us recently.

Got to be these two WW2 icons to gowith the excellent new tools alreadyon offer, for me 

A 1 72 B29 Superfortress. How good would this look on the shelf with the recent B17 and a Skytrain in the middle?

And. A 1/48 Mitsubishi Zero. I reckon this would be a fantastic Dogfight Double partner for either of the two recent American new tools, the P51 Mustang or P40 Warhawk.

For something a bit more recent, The Blackburn Buccaneer in 1/72 ....... A nice partner for the new Royal Navy Phantom gem we've just been treated to.

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