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Sorry but I was a bit miffed you seemed to be taking my post out of context! 


But since Hornby took over the policy is to issue each version of a kit as a separate boxing/issue rather than several versions in 1 kit. The 1:72nd scale Blenheim is a prime example, and I have bought all 4 issues with common parts in each kit for the other versions.


But I agree it would have been simpler just to have the parts clear and not frosted so the modeller can decide whether to paint it over or not!  But whether it should be painted or not seems to divide opinion?


Maybe you could post pictures of your finished Blenheim in the Aircraft thread so we can see the kit?

its alright, if i did take it out of context i didnt do it intentionally 

From the evidence ive seen night fighter versions had it clear or painted, while the majority of regular day bombers i have seen images of show it as clear

and yeah sure i can do 


Well I never! A manufacturing company answerable to shareholders has a business plan to sell more products! Who'da thunk it? 

well you can tell that to TBF then as i know its why they did it; he seems to think that airfix wouldnt do something like that 

Actually Hawkerhurricaneguy it's T2B


And what I said was that I didn't believe Airfix would deliberately put incorrect parts in a kit to further later sales of a later issue, just to get the correct parts for the first kit. Airfix undoubtly are planning a later bomber version and for ease of production you will get some common parts on the sprues. 


I have been off the forum for a few days and missed the later posts or would have corrected your error earlier! I will repeat I am not a Blenheim expert but still firmly believe if the part is wrong it's an error NOT A DELIBERATE PLOY! But trying to reproduct an aircraft from plans drawn up 80 yrs ago with probably no original examples available with be fraught with difficulties.


But I shall still be buying the kit!!

apologise for getting your name wrong; i only relised after i posted 

having published the email from airfix it seems to me it was not done in error unfortunaley. if it was i hope it would have been corrected by now but i havent heard anything from airfix. as for the common parts on the sprues surely it would have made more sense to include the peice as clear from the first run of its. 

Yes there are difficulties with reproducing a aircraft from 80 years ago but there is enough evidence from photos at the time that blenheims had the panel both painted over and clear. What baffles me is the fact that airfix decided to make it misted when it would have been simpler to keep it clear so consumers could build both. 

Go ahead and buy the kit, it is a good build for the most part; (once the rear gun is in, the seat stops it from being taken out which is kinda annoying) i finished mine today 


You do realise that you can not build G-BPIV from the kit as the preserved airframe is a Canadian Bolingbroke with a Mk.I nose grafted on and as such it has major airframe differences fro a genuine Blenheim , especially around the cowlings etc. It can be built as the original Mk.I.F not the Bolingbroke .

The details for the model were taken fron the original manufacturers drawings held in a museum in Finland along with the genuine Mk.IV prserved there, not from Duxfords hybrid.

The kit does come with different engine cowls and the instructions highlight which ones to use on which planes with one set of cowls for the duxford blenheim and another for the other plane in the kit. The paint scheme also says the plane can be painted as the preserved one. And speaking of the Finnish Blenheims 

They also had the panel as clear. So why couldnt airfix have just left it as a clear panel instead of a misted one. Airfix had no reason to mist it over, If it was going to be painted over it would have said in the paint scheme like it does with the little glass window which sits further back on the blenheims fusalage 


What I find annoying is the incessant knocking of Airfix over trivial things. There are plenty of other manufacturers who make worse mistakes and yet they are hardly ever mentioned. I have just built an Academy B-24H Liberator. The instructions clearly show the fins hanging lower under the tail plane, the part numbers confirm this arrangement. But on the real B-24 the larger portion is above the tail plane. Shock! Horror! Scandal! Not the worst example, but the most recent one I've encountered. As a modeller I expect to have to solve problems, not whinge about them incessantly. If I don't like the plastic I've bought I can either correct it to satisfy my expectations, put up with it as near enough, or throw it away as useless and never buy that brand again. I've never thrown a kit away.

yes there are other kits that have worse problems from other manfacturers; but this is a Airfix kits and this is the Airfix forumns; not the aircraft modeller forumns. Why would i bring up issues with another companies kits in the Airfix forumns. Yes as a modeller is expected to solve porblems but why cant they also whinge about them with what is a issue that airfix should have seen. 

@Paul Brown

I can confirm that 'the artist' was not, ahem, fully aware of the different glazing configurations. I think the box art is almost certainly correct for L6739 as of February 1940, although it's equally possible that L6739 could have been fitted with the gun pack before the panel was overpainted. The paint guide is correct for G-BPIV which wears the original L6739 scheme. I don't think anybody has mentioned that the transparency frame has two parts, 4 and 12, that to me appear to be identical. I suspect one of them was meant to have a clear, not a frosted panel. If this is the case, then it's a production faux pas, not a conspiracy by Airfix to encourage people to buy more kits (perish the thought).

the kit does indeed come with two different frames, one which has weird slats on one of the windows but other parts for my kit are misted around the same area. if one was clear i would have not raised the issue; however both were misted and when a emailed airfix about this they said it was correct 


Have you considered that the artist got it wrong and the kit contents is correct. Do you have a photograph of the aircraft that you can share with us?

why yes i do

as you can clearly see this Blenheim which is the one on the box has the clear panel. Airfix's paint scheme says it is the current scheme applied to G-BPIV with the implication you can build the plane in its preservation form. While the real plane MAY have had the panel painted over the preservation version which is depicted in the kits paint scheme dosent.



So your real complaint is that the kit being sold as a Mk.If cannot be built as a bomber


The kit can already be built as a bomber; i dont know if have the kit or not but included in it is a set of bombs and the bomb bay doors which can be built as open; everything to build the plane into a bomber version is in the kit; apart from the clear canopy piece. A clear canopy piece which was also used on nightfighter versions including the one displayed on the kits own box art

@Paul Brown

Well I never! A manufacturing company answerable to shareholders has a business plan to sell more products! Who'da thunk it? 

well you can tell that to TBF then as i know its why they did it; he seems to think that airfix wouldnt do something like that 


So your real complaint is that the kit being sold as a Mk.If cannot be built as a bomber

Hey, you know that art has the panel clear aswell? much like the real plane which you know? the markings for which are included in the kit?


Both paint schemes in the new airfix kit have this panel painted over: black in the case of the nightfighter, and white in the case of the day fighter scheme. I would assume that the frosting is therefore intentional as that section of the part is meant to be painted. Presumably, the later bomber releases will have a different part for this area. If you really want to make that area clear, then it is easy enough to polish it up with successively fine grades of polishing pads (start with 1500 grit and go in steps to 12000 grit) then apply a coat of clear gloss.

Im not sure what Paint schemes you are looking at but the bottom panel which is clear on the real aircraft isnt painted over in either scheme, both digitally and on the print versions which i do have.

both of these views are from the pilot side. the only difference between the online and physical copies are a few more panels painted over but not the panel which i have drawn attention too; this has remained clear in both versions and is clear on the box art. I know it is a little hard to tell due to the underside being painted black but it is clear and you can just make out some of internals through it 

I was looking at the built example of the day fighter in the product listing. That panel is clearly painted over.

Here's a picture of a dayfighter IF with the panel painted over:


Yes i know that night fighter versions with the gunpack has the side painted over, my issue comes with the fact that there are parts to build the bomber version in there aswell as a scheme of a preservation blenheim which has the panel unpainted. Most photos of the bomber variants ive seen have it as clear but because airfix hasnt included this part as clear it makes it much more frustrating to build bomber versions of the kit which for all purposes all the parts are there for

We will just have to see if airfix's next version of the Blenheim has the panel as clear for the bomber variant or keeps it misted; if its clear and they keep producing night fighter versions with misted versions it seems clear to me airfix did this on purpose in order to shift more kits later on 

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