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Hurricane Boy

Bio: My name is Tim and have been building Airfix Kits for about 55 years. The early kits, mostly smaller WW1 and WW2 aircraft came in plastic bags with the instructions stapled to the top. I can remember as a young lad getting an F2b and an Albatross in my stocking at Christmas and spending the holidays building and reading about those early air battles. The early kits were great and although not anywhere near today's standard they were all in the same scale which was a break through. You got to know very quickly how small a Spitfire was compared to a Lanc! These days my interest is around RCAF - WW2 and Post War subjects. It seems that the new Airfix releases have been occurring in parallel with my research in local chaps with interesting wartime careers. The new Blenheim, Beaufighter, Whitley and Lanc all fit into this perfectly. Now all I have to do is more building and a little less reading. Tim

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ATMQ - 1950 predates the earliest Airfix plastic model airplane kits (was 1955) and an actual kit from 1950 would be rare indeed. Their quality was very poor as compared to current kits.

Your best approach is likely to pruchase a kit of an airplane that was in service in 1950 or had its first flight in 1950. 

Some examples of Airfix Kits of aircraft in service in 1950 would be the Hawker SeaFury, dehaviland Vampire, Gloster Meteor F.8, f-86 Sabre, Mig 15, F-51 Mustang 

Some examples of Airfix Kits of aircraft whose first flight was in 1950 .... Dehaviland Heron, Mig 17


Just looked at the latest Workbench entry.  The built-up Spitfire 5c's look great. I will have to get a few on backorder and decals for some of the CAN RAF / RCAF Malta Aces. From this entry, the previous workbench entry as well as the November Arifix Model World test-shot build, I think that this one will be a real gem. Nice to have the four-cannon version as an optional build for our Australian friends too.

I am also happy to see the new Beaufighter release will have an option to build 404 Sqn RCAF Beaufighter EE-H NE355 which according to Aviaeology served with 404 from April 1944 though February 1945.....about 11 months....that is a long service record for a combat aircraft. I think that a late release of the previous Airfix Beaufighter was the same aircraft but with the pre-D-Day squadron code 2-H

Finally I had a look at the Quick Build Ford Ranger Raptor pick-up truck. This one looks like a good place to start my five year old grand daughter in model building. She has already had lots of fun with the Lego type building blocks so this is a natural next step!

you may be able to find a used decal set or kit with decals on line, like the site below


@Paul Brown

I'm up for the 1/72 tanks, the way these have been designed looks interesting.


I went back and had another look at the. 1/72 tanks and they are quite well thought out to get what appears to be a lot of detail in this small scale. The image of the interwoven road wheels on the Tiger look great. I haven't built any armour in 40 years but I think I might give this Tiger a try. Park it beside a 1/72 rocket Typhoon to display two antagonists! 

Do you know if all of the new small scale armour will be 1/72 rather than 1/76?

Hello Colin

There is a reasonable drawing of the fuselage with scrap views of the spools on page 539 of Morgan and Shacklady - Spitfire - The History. .... if you can put your hands on that at the Library..

No dimensions but I think that if could be scaled for your purposes.


Got it! That is the wonderful thing about modelling. It is what each of us wants it to be.

And you are right, not many people would notice the slight difference between the two Sabres wings....just the "rivit counters".

Sorry I can't help you with the colours.



Hello Otaku

I am not sure about colours for the beautiful  "Blue Impulse" colour scheme but just one point on the Airfix F-86F. It really represents the F-86F-25-NA through F-86-35-NA production with the original short span wing and the hard leading "6-3" leading edge (ie no slats).

JASDF aircraft were F-86F-40-NA that used a longer span wing that had a slatted 6-3 leading edge. The span is about 3 feet longer than the earlier models. The slats were reinstated on the "6-3" leading edge to improve low speed handling.



That is good news. One more part for the early F-86E / Sabre 2 kit would be the beveled windsceen that was replace with optically flat glass on F-86-10-NA and all subsequent versions.

By the way, The 1/72nd scale spitfire mk Vc looks great as well ..... lots of marking options for the mediteranian aces!

Just looked at the test shot pictures for the Sabre. Looks good with both small and large drop tanks, two different nose wheels.

Wing construction is different with the bottom leading edge as a separate piece (joint at the front spar is like the leading edge of the real aircraft). Makes you think that they may include a separate sprue in a later release with the short cord slatted wing or the F-86E, Canadair Sabre 2's and 4's (before modification). Keep my fingers crossed.

Can't wait for this one.


Looks like you got it back Jeff!

Nice job on an older kit. I do really like the pre-war US Navy markings... lots of colour.

Although we can nit-pick at differnet aspects of the old Airfix kits, they were pretty accurate for shape and still rewarding builds.




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