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I am inline with all the above, in that I would prefer to build my aircraft with crew in place. I have been buying pilot figures from other sources, and have also resorted to raiding unwanted kits to get the pilots.

One really big issues is the bad fit and need to cut off legs to get pilots to fit in. Very big issue is the lid does not sit properly when the driver is in place.

So please Airfix, provide correctly scaled and fitting pilots every time on all the aicraft lits. 

If Airfix would look at aircraft that no other makers currently produce, then my suggestions would be for Rafale in soon to be Greek and French options, AMX as soon to go out of long time service in Italy. 

A Phantom recce version RF-4C/E

Gripen (if Bulgaria get them) but with CZ and Hungarian options 

All 1:72 

These are such good looking aitcraft and need more exposure 

@The RSM

Aifix response seems to have been to stop having ANY pilot/crews in new mondels with is really annoying.

The regular option for me is to buy PJ Products Pilot ranges. They fit the bill for most eras

What possibility in updating the Puma and issueing the Lynx updated as a Wildcat

All in 1:72


There may be other helicopter subjects worth a thought 

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