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Fujimi  do a Wasp (albeit in 1/48 scale).

For me, and I have been building models for over 50 years, Detail is everything and those not wanting it can always leave it out.

The Airfix Shackleton MR2 is a fabulous kit with loads of interior detail (albeit the interior of an AEW aircraft). You cannot see it, so it makes sense to leave it out. I am sure that some take delight in putting it in.

i have recently built the Trumpeter 1/350 Nimitz, a superb kit once you have invested hundreds of further pounds in a full 80 aircraft air wing, individually unique decals for each of those 80 aircraft, a tractor set, full photo etch for aircraft and ship, crew, better decals for the actual ship, an LED lighting system. All of that is very good, but the deck lift areas are large, open and inside the Hangar is... nothing, absolutely zip. The entrances should have a double skin. Inside there should be hangar walls, fire door division of the hangar into 3 parts, a hangar roof, girder inn and pipe work, galleries half way up the walls etc etc etc. Fabricating that hangar, most of which is plainly visible took as long as the building of the rest of the ship (minus the aircraft). Same with the rather older Tamiya Enterprise.

I would sooner that the Shack had no great interior and that the Nimitz and Entreprise  had a hangar detailed.

The manufacturers will never please everybody!

The problem lies in the fact that 1/600 is a scale that is pretty much unique to Airfix. In addition, most of the kits are pretty ancient.

Were you to venture into 1/350, all your dreams would be realised with a glut of great kits from ICM, Academy, Trumpeter and others. Airfix themselves have obvioutlying gone this way themselves in recent years.

In Lidl today I picked up the Yellowjacks Gnat and a BF109e.

In addition, they had Curry Sark, HMS Victory, Spitfire Mk1

Any particular models???????

For me, I would love to see some 1/12 scale mainly British Grand Prix cars. .. starting with a comprehensive update of the Bentley Blower before moving on to all manner of Lotus, Vanwall, BRM and other types.


Italeri have reintroduced the ancient Protar moulds and added their own Alfa Romeo 8c. The equally ancient Tamika moulds are appearing as Ebro , Revell or Italeri. There is clearly a market!

The trouble with a Scimitar is that it is truly a niche aircraft. It was less capable as a fighter than a Sea Vixen and less capable for strike than a Bucc. (even a Mk1 with Gyron Jnrs. It's only use was in flight refuelling as the Mk1 Buccs could not get off with a useful bomb load AND a useful fuel load. it couldn't even lift much fuel. I have a couple of mates who worked on them and they describe them as 'pigs'. on top of that it doesn't have the great shape of the Vixen, the purposefulnes of the Bucc, the ungainly look of the Gannet,  the odd look of the CV Cutlass .. or anything remotely distinctive or attractive at all. It is simply one of those unremarkable 'plain janes' that was produced in small numbers and endeared itself to few.

If Fleet Air Arm were the subject, I would love a Mk1 Buccaneer or if we want something odd, a Firebrand. RAF? A twin pin, Beverley, A decent Beagle Basset, a Balliol, Brigand, Argosy and most of all..... A Varsity! we had around 260 of them and they looked very distinctive, rightly called the flying pig. Lots of bright schemes, particularly the one at Cosford. Just imagine the fun of having an engine cowling set open. 

I have made plenty of 1/350 kits all of the following with photo etch added.

USS enterprise with full air wing, hangar interior and  interior lighting, Likwise Nimitz. Also  Bismark, Missouri, Yamato, Prince of Wales.

Whilst large carriers obviously contain plenty of plastic, they do not contain many parts in their basic form. They are far simpler in construction. A look at the spruces of either of my carriers would show this. The most numerous parts are probably the much duplicated life raft boxes.

Airwings cost a fortune if you take that route, with the kits, the photo etch and then the individual, unique aircraft markings. You can have as few or as many as you like. A sparse hangar deck would suit many (although I went the whole hog throughout with interior walls, fire door, double skins at lift apertures etc etc). Total cost for Nimitz  would be Kit £140, Etch £120, Aircraft £70, Decals deck and aircraft £70, LED lighting £20, Hangar parts from plastic sheet, spares box etc £5... Total £425. Model making ain't cheap. I would upload some images, but the site won't allow them from my iPad.

An HMS QE would not in my opinion be any more difficult to produce (with just a hangar deck inside and no walls etc), than an Illustrious. Improving it with PE would be covered by Lion Roar,  Ensign, Toms or similar. There are only 2 aircraft types, F35B and Merlin ASW and AEW fit  (one extra part).. around 50 at most. The rest would be down to the doubtless grateful modeller.

@Aad Gadgie

The idea of a 1/24 P40 is one I like, in a Desert Air Force scheme (don't know where I'd put it!)  However, I'd be happy if Airfix worked their magic & re-tooled some of the 1/72 classics which are crying out for attention - Fairey Battle, HP Hampden & Halifax, Westland Lysander, Westland Scout (with a Wasp variant?), Fairey Firefly, any of the WW1 & inter-war biplanes.  Oh, and a Hawker Tempest Mk V.  And a BAC/Sepecat Jaguar (Desert Storm) and a SA330 Puma, and a Short Stirling, and parents used to dread my Christmas lists!

Unfotunately, A Westland Wasp is a considerably different aircraft to a Scout.. although both would be worthy.

longer fueselage beneath engine for extra fuel. Different Tail Boom. Complicated undercarriage, Different interior fit, Weapons points etc. The only truly compatible parts would appear to be Nimbus Engine and Seats plus Fueselage forward of Cabin back wall. The aircraft is so complex, that I would welcome a much larger scale and for it to have a fully folded option including Blade supports, folding tail, Flotation Bags, Compressed undercarriage option and also, External Weapons points and blanks... What a model in 1/24!,,,


I build ships in 1/350, Racing cars in 1/12  and aircraft in varying scales.. and here is my wish list.

1. 1/350 HMS Victorious in a late configuration with Vixens, Scimitars etc.

2. The New HMS Queen Elizabeth 

3. Either Audacious class in final fit, Ark or Eagle.

4. Falklands fit HMS Hermes.

5. HMS Vanguard Battleship.


1. A large scale, 1/24 Cold War Jet with Hellcat quality detailing right through..Ideally the beautiful Folland Gnat trainer.

2. 1/48 Westland Scout

3. 1/48 Westland Gazelle

4. 1/48 Alouette 2 (Army Air Corps)

5. 1/48 Westland Wasp With Flotation bags, , We177, Blade and tail folding gear, Stops and blanks.

6. 1/72 Vickers Varsity.


Father Christmas, my fingers are crossed.

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