SWhat do you want as kits in 2019?


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A new tool 1/72 avro Vulcan (617 squodran)

1/72 tornado gr4

1/72 spitfire mk XII

A no tool 1/72 hawker siddeley buccaner

A no tool 1/72 sea hawk

I would still love to see the following, all to 1/72;


Avro Manchester

Avro Lincoln

Junkers Ju88A-1 (to complete the Airfix new tool Luftwaffe BoB line up)

Bristol Beaufort

Re-tooled Bristol Beaufighter with early flat tailplane

HP Halifax with early Merlin engines

Fairey Albacore (plus any other WWII Royal Navy aircraft)

B-24 Liberator (any mark)

B-29 Superfortress

De Havilland Hornet/ Sea Hornet

DH Venom, Sea Venom single or twin seat

Newly tooled Avro Vulcan B2

Newly tooled BAe Buccaneer S2

Newly tooled Tornado GR1/4/ F3

Newly tooled Eurofighter Typhoon

Luftwaffe ground support set

RAF 50's/60's ground support set

RAF modern ground support set


Give me any one of those and I will be happy, give me two or three and I will be over the Moon!


John Symmons

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The lists above look very like the 2017, 18 wish lists, but I would second and third the call for a new 1/72 Ju 88, but please try the C series or the BMW engined night fighters, as the A series seem to be a dime-a-dozen with every Tom-Dick-&-Harry and their cousins doing it almost to the exclusion of other marks.


Basically any 1938 to 45 German aircraft would sell, after all how many Bf 109E does a modeller really want to build.


Remember we do this for fun                                              John the Pom


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I suppose that I'd like to see the following . . .

Hurricane I  in 1/72nd.  The metal winged version, please, to go with the superb Fabric Winged kit.

Hurricane I  in 1/48th.   The Fabric Winged version of the excellent new issue.

I need loads of the above.

1/72nd scale figures for the RAF Bomber Command Support Set.  Hard plastic.

Hunter F6 in 1/72nd.  It would be lovely to issue this in the original versions for the 60's kit.  Black Arrows and Swiss Air Force.

A few replacements, too.   All old 1/72nd kits.

Hampden. / Halifax. / P-47D / Hellcat.  

Plus a brand new Vulcan B2.  I'm hoping that the latter is the big announcement for 2019 at Telford.


I'm hoping that the 1/600 ships appear in the classic releases.


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@Steven Budd

I can't wait to see what follows the 1/24 Typhoons. On that basis, I can only reiterate my plea that the first 'Super Kit' gets a super makeover, so a completely new Spitfire Mk.I would do it for me.

Having said that, I'll require hospitalisation if a 1/24 Beaufighter becomes reality.



Steve von Hopeful

Both would be very nice.    I have just been rebuilding these old Airfix kits that were hiding in the shed.  I really enjoyed the rebuild and was lucky to have nearly all the parts in the spares box.   More can be seen here . . https://www.flickr.com/photos/23594891@N07/albums/72157697042536945Old kit rebuildRebuilt


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Hello all. 

This is my first post here, so here goes with my wishlist

1/72 - new tool RAF Catalina 

1/72 - new tool Vulcan

1/72 - Lincoln

1/48 - Chipmunk

1/48 - Buccaneer

1/48 - Gazelle


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Are there any plans for anything Sci Fi like Star Wars etc, just a few basic origional starships from the first three films?


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Are there any plans for anything Sci Fi like Star Wars etc, just a few basic origional starships from the first three films?

Revell (North America and Europe) and "Fine Moulds" (should be Japan only but the Internet is a thing) own all the Star Wars licences.

Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 65_000 feet and climbing.

Paul Brown

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Revell (North America and Europe) and "Fine Moulds" (should be Japan only but the Internet is a thing) own all the Star Wars licences.


I think Bandai might have a thing or two to say about that! Wink


Historically Airfix did Star Wars kits, but that was some time ago, mostly when Palitoy owned the brand and they reboxed Star Wars kits from other kit manufacturers. Currently Star Wars kit licencing is carved up between Revell and Bandai, theoretically Bandai are servicing the Far East and USA (I think), whilst Revell has the Europe/Elsewhere ticket. Interestingly Revell are going to be re-boxing the Bandai 'Perfect Grade' Millennium Falcon, a snip at 399.00 Euro...


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I'd like to see some more love for us fans of WW1 and earlier aircraft in 1/72. For example:

1903 Wright Flyer - A good modern plastic kit of this for a sensible price is my absolute top wish. 

A new tooling of a Sopwith Camel - the old 1957 mould is terrible.

A rebox of the the old Sopwith Pup - a lovely kit, it would be great to have it with fresh decals.

Bristol Monoplane - I don't know of any kits available, and Airfix have already done a few Bristol aircraft.

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