SWhat do you want as kits in 2019?

I would really like to see the Westland Wasp in 1/72nd. Shouldn't be too hard to retool the Scout.......most of the work already done.



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I do love to build airfix models and I have done so since i were younger since 2001, but I will keep doing so i loved building the Vulcan bomber and wished you would do the Falklands war version on 1/48th scales. Thanks Jodie-leigh Thorn. 


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Jod13, welcome to the Airfix Forum and thank you for sharing your experience with us. Smile



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I would like to see some unique kit this year 

P-38 lightning 1/72, 1/48

F4u corsair 1/72, 1/48

Westland lynsender 1/48

B-29 superfortress 1/72

P-40E kittyhawk 1/48 

Fariey firefly mk 5 1/72

Westland whirlwind 1/72 

Supermarine spitfire mk1 1/48 

Short Sunderland flying boat 1/72

Republic p-47 thunderbolt 1/72, 1/48

There are some planes would be nice to see in 2019 and in the near future 


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A 1/48 scale "aluminium eclipse"; that would be ideal for re-living the first time I saw one in flight!

Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 65_000 feet and climbing.

1:48 westland Scout / Wasp helicopter, ( two kits out of one / simular moulds ), 1:48 Gazelle helicopter, Well used aircraft and not really covered by any manufacture, Fujimi made kits but they were under scale and not detailed.

You guys could make such a good job of these and i'm sure they would sell.

Also new tool Buccaneer, come on guys, if you want Airfix to become rich quick. Make this as a new tool !!!!!! Would sell in the masses :0)

Newbie here, still waiting on my first ever kit to arrive, but regardless, I would still be very interested to see the following aircraft:

1. North American F-107 Ultra Sabre

2. BAC 221

3. Rockwell XFV-12

4. YF-102 Delta Dagger Prototype, (Not the production variant)

5. IA 58A Pucara

6. Yak-38 Forger

7. Ryan FR Fireball


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1:48 westland Scout / Wasp helicopter, ( two kits out of one / simular moulds ),

I definitely think there would be a demand for the scout/wasp. Airfix has produced a scout with numerous re-boxings (about five) over the years, however I think only one manufacturer has ever produced the wasp, which was Fujimi. Also, this moulding is more of a 1/50 scale than 1/48, and is out of production. There are several conversion kits floating around though, to convert the scout to a wasp.

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Definitely a 1:24 scale 1955 Le Mans MG 'EX182'. Thank you very much.

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The list above look very like the 2018 wish lists but I would second and third the call for a new 1/72 Ju 88, but please try the C series or the BMW engined night fighters, as the A series seem to be a dime-a-dozen with every Tom-Dick-&-Harry and their cousins doing it almost to the exclusion of other marks.


Basically any 1938 to 45 german aircraft would sell, after all how many Bf 109E does


Remember we do this for fun                          John the Pom

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