SWhat do you want as kits in 2019?

Beeing ex Fleet air arm and a maintainer on Buccaneer mk2 & wessex 5s I would love to see new kits of both   in 1/48.   800 & 845 sqdns perhaps ! !

Fleet air arm kits in general are a great insperation for myself. It takes some skill to land on a carrier going up and down as well as not staying in the same space, and at the speed.required  to catch the wires too.

Definitely Blackburn Buccaneer, either 1/72 and 1/48.

Tony B

8 posts

A 1/24th scale English Electric Lightning,if they can do a mossie they can do thisLaughing


david evans

10 posts

Can we have some ships ?

1/700 HMS Queen Elizabeth/Prince of Wales aircraft carrier,

1/700 WWII ships crusers aircraft carriers,

1/700 current Royal Navy Warships,

1/72 F35B Royal Navy/Royal Air force,

1/72 Super Puma,

1/48 Challenger 2

1/72 Typhoon Euro fighter British

If I could get the Airfix Gods to grant my 2019 wish(s), they would include:

1/ 1/48rh Fairey Gannet AEW3

2/ 1/48tn Supermarine Scimitar

3/ return of the 1/48th TSR 2

4/ 1/48th F-4K or M

5/ 1/72nd or better still 1/48th Gloster Meteor Night Fighter variant

6/ A dh Venom or Sea  Venom in 72nd or 48th.




2 posts

How about a Spitfire mk IX XIV or mk22. 

Got to be for me a couple of WW2 icons to go with the brilliant new tools from the same era that have been released recently:-

A 1/72 B29 Superfortress, how good would this look on the shelf with the same scale B17 from last year, with a C47 Skytrain in the middle................ &

A 1/48 Mitsubishi Zero, which would make a fantastic "Dogfight Doubles" partner for either of the two American reecent releases,the P51 Mustang or P40 Warhawk.................

Or one from cold war era:- (which has been mentioned by other posters)

A 1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer, would make a great pairing as an Ark Royal display with the superb RN Phantom Airfix gave us recently.


73 posts

What I'd like to see from Airfix in the near future (all new tooling):


- Walrus (downsized from their 1/48 kit)

- Arado Ar 196

- Se5a or Camel

- HP Hampden

- Ju88


- new tool Spitfire Mk IX


- HMS Queen Elizabeth/Prince of Wales and later on 1/700 version of same.




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For me, here are a few things I would love to see Airfix release:

-New Tool 1/72

1) Handley Page Hampden

2) Bristol Beaufort

3) Westland Lysander

4) RAF ground equipment kit with Matador Tanker, Austin K2 Ambulance, Cole Crane, Etc. [Please no 1/76 posing as 1/72 ]


-Add ons in a few 1/72 new tool kits to create new kits

1) Swordfish Mk. II and III [Adding new bottom wings and ASW equipment/weaponry like rockets, radar, depth charges, and FIDO.

2) Gloster Sea Gladiator [Add a conversion sprew for the the dingy]

3) Hurricane Mk. I Mid/Late [Add the metal wing in place of the fabric wing]

4) Bristol Beaufighter Mk. IF [Straight Tail Planes, Radar, Etc]


In the end though, thanks for all of the fantastic kits you have been providing us. The efforts you all are making to create high quality, well researched kits is appreciated. Keep up the good work!


JC Holman

Alexandria, VA USA

Heather Kay

260 posts

I am not certain the RAF used Austin K2 ambulances. They were mainly Army issue, as far as I can find, so I'd like to put in a vote for the Albion AM463 ambulance instead! Wink

A professional modeller of railway subjects, and a reborn Airfix fan. Definitely into combat aircraft in service on all sides in the summer of 1940, but known to occasionally veer off into other interesting things!

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