SWhat is the best airbrush to start with?

John Symmons

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Hi Jimbo.

Your question came up recently ,and if you look in the Humbrol Techniques Forum about half way down you'll find a posting called "What is the best airbrush to start with". It was posted about 3 months ago and has 3 pages of 28 replies that I'm sure would be of help. Also if you check through the other forums I'm sure you'll find more on the subject.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing some of your results.

Remember we do this for fun                          John the Pom

Paul Brown

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Do an ebay search for an AS186 compressor. You should be able to find a deal for about £70-£80 that includes a couple of airbrushes thrown in. My own perception of airbrushing was transformed after ditching siphon type airbrushes and getting a gravity feed (the ones with the top cup). These are much more economical with paint, easier to clean and with well thinned paint sprayed at low pressure, fine lines are a doddle. So if you see a deal that includes a gravity feed airbrush, that's the one I would recommend.

I agree to most  of  the answers I have see so far.

The simple answer will be: choose a dual action, gravity feed internal mix airbrush. The Neo is the response IWATA had about all those cheap  Chinese airbrush flooding the market. It is better than a $20 Chinese airbrush but it still has some limitation. Bear in mind that it is the NEO for IWATA.....not the NEO from IWATA........They are certainly cheap, but if you can put a bit more into an airbrush I would rather recommend the Badger Patriot 105 or even better the IWATA eclipse HP CS........

I stumble upon a rather good website that had good info and advice.....maybe have a look and you will be able to decide what is the best airbrush for you!



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im looking to buy my 1st airbrush and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the AS186 compressor that is mentioned in a previous post is worth buying?


Paul Brown

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I've been using one myself for several years, I wouldn't have posted it up if I thought it was rubbish. 

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