SWhy are ship modelers being left out?

Dear Airfix,

Please can you tell us why ships are no longer part of the range?? I would have thought the likes of HMS Hood, Bismarck, Prince Eugen, Illustrious which are part and parcel of our great and glorious history are essential for any model maufacturer that purports to be the best! 

As you will be aware, I am not the only one to think this way! Surely, the time has come to bow to the demand of your members and re-release these superb models. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 



Having just commented on the 1/350 thread, thought I'd leave a short note here too. The RN is dying. It has too few ships and the public don't care. At one time there were campaigns for the RN to have more battleships. Now we've just sold off the flagship, HMS Ocean, after decommisioning the previous three flagships for scrap. The populace show hardly a flicker of interest.


The two new carriers are the last hope that anyone will take an interest in the RN. Of all the ships that should be modelled by Airfix, these are vital. They will be in service for decades and could possibly be the last RN carriers. They will have name recognition worldwide and while they won't be the biggest, they could still be amongst the best. I think if Airfix doesn't produce these two new ships in 1/350 someone else will. The difference would be that Airfix get the opportunity to be the British manufacturer to model the largest British warships ever.


These kits would be in demand for decades, and was the ships are modified they could be too. Produce two kits, QE and PoW and you have the basis of an entire series of kits. After all, you already have the destroyers, but could also have the next generation of frigates and Bulwark/Albion, if they survive the savage cuts. Add  a series of kits of the aircraft that serve upon the ships and frankly it becomes a no brainer.


Airfix champion British aircraft more than anyone else but are lacking in both ships and armour. It would be tough to establish a range of armour, but warships, well, that would be possible with the right long term strategy. Airfix had fifty years or more production from some warship molds produced in the 1960s. People were willing to buy those kits long after they stopped being of the standard we expect from kits produced even in the 1980s. 


So, a HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales in 1/350. I'd also advise an HMS Vanguard battleship in 1/350. HMS Hermes, Eagle and Ark Royal in the same scale. You name it, if someone doesn't already make it then it would sell. Oh, and just to cap it, in 1/72 could someone please produced an HP 42, Shorts Empire C Class and most of all an Avro Lincoln?


I'm not a 'big ship' modeller but I agree the lack of any in the current range is a sad sign of the times. 

I feel like I'm one of the few to have bought the LCVP and the reissued Rescue Launch. I would at least like to see a new LCM (in proper 1/72 and with a new Sherman for cargo)  as it was apparently one of the best sellers for many years, as well as new goes at the MTB, Launch, and S-Boot. Perhaps if they proved popular enough it could even kick-start the big ships range again and of course QE/PoW would be a good starting point (but not in 72...!) 

 Oh, 1/72 would be awesome, need a damn great room to house it mind........!

david evans

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Why are ship modellers being ignored by airfix nothing in the new 2018 catalogue! What about a1/350 Queen Elizabeth class carrier. If you cant make one yourself why not join forces with Trumpeter et al. Other companies do it, and don't loose their identity. Come on Airfix.


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Don't know if you've spotted it yet, but Airfix has re-released some large scale sailing ship kits and . . . . . . 1/600 scale kits, Ark Royal, Hood, Bismark, and Belfast !!!!!!! LaughingLaughing

There is a godCoolCool

Never fear, new release or massively collectable, you will be assembled . . . sooner or later

John Symmons

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Thanks for the heads-up on this one. There's a couple of kits I've been looking for for, for years I'll certainly get the Ark Royal if one ever reachs Cape Town. Pity tere's no cars or some of the old classic aircraft I'm thinking of the Avro WW1 trainer andthe Sopwith  Pup to name just two as these were a couple of Airfix's later eforts and could still make reasonable models today.Maybe next year.


Remember we do this for fun                               John the Pom

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