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SWishlist for 2022


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With the 2021 range announced, any wishes not in the catalogue wil notl be forthcoming, so we must wish for their inclusion in the 2022 range;

Get wishing!

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John Symmons

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Hi All and all the best for a safe 2021.


I'll start with a Hawker Fury bi-plane fighter. then Airfix will have the full linerage of the Hawker propeller fighter linerage, would be nice to see, then a Sea Fury in 1/72 to fully complete the line. Then Airfix can start on the Hawker Jets in 1/72 scale.


Still holding out for the Ju 88 preferably the BMW engined versions. Many versions and liveries available for the 88. Also a new modern tooling of the 109 F and or G would be a sure fire money spinner as ther isn't a moden 1/72 tooling available anywahere, all we're stuck with is a myraid of 109 E's and the old Acamdemy, Airfix and Hobby Boss 109 G s.


I'm sure the new Mossie and Tempests will sell like the preverbal hot-cakes, as I'm sure the new Welly will do likewise' so hopefully a nightfighter Beu realistically  can't  be far off.


Still hoping for some new warships in the 600 scale but I'm not holding my breath, can't help feeling that the 350 scale has a better chance of something new. Also now Airfix has ventured into the 1/72 scale armour, hopefully they'll do the same as they did in the HO scale, and come up with a series of support or soft skinned armour. 


Remember we do this for fun                                       John the Pom. 

Wishlist for 2022

It seems a bit ungrateful posting my 2022 wishes when the ink isn't even dry on the 2021 Catalogue.... but here goes

1/72nd Hampden I

1/72nd Beaufighter II

both for my 1941 project

And now the long shots.....

1/72nd DHC-2 mk1 Beaver with wheels, wheel-skis and floats with Ontario Provincial Air Service (OPAS) and British Army markings

1/72nd DHC-3 mkI Otter with wheels, wheel-skis and floats with OPAS, WIDEROE and US Army markings

1/72nd Avro Canada CF-100 mk4 or mk5 with RCAF and Belgium Airforce markings as applicable

I won't wish for because of the even smaller interest group than the Beaver mk1 but it would be nice to have a 1/72 DHC-2 mk3 TurboBeaver. At nearly 60 years old, that is still a formidable float plane. 



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New builds: 1/24 B.P. Defiant (I promise to order two, immediately!) 1/72 Avro Manchester; 1/72 Westland Whirlwind (WW2 fighter, not the helicopter).

‘Vintage Classics’ – AWACS E-3D Sentry, C-130 Hercules, B-29 Superfortress, Vickers VC10, Boeing 747, Short Skyvan, HMS Iron Duke, SR.N4 Hovercraft, Bloodhound missile.  That would be 2022’s trip down memory lane sorted!

Robert Lock

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My Wish would be for a Royal Navy in Trawler in 1:72 scale 

In fact it is for any 1:72  WW2 boat or ship however I think a Trawler makes most sense for Airfix 

1) There exists John Lambert plans for various classes 

2) There exist enough variation in say the Isles class and related sub classes and various classes including 2 serving in Federal German Navy and conversions to Danlayers etc . that airfix could refresh  the marketing of different ships 

3) It would appeal not only to modellers but would appeal to Hornby's customer base for use in fishing ports and military dockyards and as it is a trawler could be converted to a civilian guise

4) similar  to the ex Matchbox Flower class  corvette it could serve as an entry level model for RC modellers therefore increasing commercial viability 

5 )if moulded correctly packs for armament and fixtures and fittings could be sold separately to R/C market for their own models. 

6) a premium product could be created similar to the Floeer Class corvette with upgrades and then the lighting rig that revell did  

Anyway just my stray thoughts  although I do think with the Hornby connection Airfix are better placed than other companies . Also that there is untapped potential in R/c ship market for model companies  given number of Matchbox / Revell Corvettes get converted 


Aad Gadgie

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OK, here goes - 

1/72 - New (or new tool) Gloster E28/29, DH Comet Racer, HP Hampden, Halifax, Fairey Battle, Fulmar, Firefly, Avro Anson, Manchester, Grumman Avenger, Westland Whirlwind (helicopter, not the fighter plane!), Wessex, Scout & Wasp, Scottish Aviation Bulldog, EE/BAC Canberra, Jaguar, Tornado GR4.

6-pdr A/tk gun & Bren carrier, 17-pdr A/tk gun & Quad tractor, 25-pdr field gun & Quad, 5.5" gun & AEC Matador, Valentine bridge-layer

1/48 -  Seafire FR 46/47 (re-issue would be quite acceptable), Hawker Hurricane II, Gloster E28/29, Blackburn Skua, Avro 504K I'm sure I'll think of one or two more! 

I'm sure I've had this sense of Deja Vu before...

Some of the 1970s vintage car kits that I've been banging on for since 2015

Why is my undercarriage stuck to my thumb?

I believe it pointless to cover models that are already admirably covered by recent mouldings by rival companies or easily converted from existing after market parts.. Airfix are simply not the only gig in town. With this in mind..

1/350 HMS Queen Elizabeth (carrier).

1/350 HMS Ark Royal or Eagle (Audacious class, final fit)

1/350 HMS Victorious ( Carrier, final fit)

1/24 Sea Fury.

1/72 Vickers Varsity, Anson, Valetta, Beverley, Pembroke/Sea Prince, Newer Dove, Sea Balliol, Scimitar, Sea Vixen FAW1, HP42. Buccaneer S1, Lincoln, Hastings.

1/12 Bentley Blower (an excellent kit in its day), to be updated to Italeri standards as in their recent Alfa Romeo 8c. ( Fabulous kit).

1/12 of any 1950s British F1 car.. any of them.. Vanwall, Lotus, BRM, Cooper, take your pick as nobody else does one pre 1960s or post 1920s .

Reissue  of SRN4 with an unwarped roof.

I am betting on..... not one of the above.

Tony B

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I dream of a 1/24th Lightning F2a


I would like to see in 1/72 scale the following:- Vickers Varsity, Gloster Javelin 1 - 9, DH Chipmunk (New tool),

Avro Anson C.19, Westland Whirlwind  helicopter ( RAF ), DH Venom FB.1 - 4,  Wessex and Avro Lincoln.

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