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SWishlists 2021


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Now that the Beaufort Mk.1 is on the way how about an RAAF version.  The first versions built in Australia were quite similar to the British built version, the main and most noticable difference being the tail.  

I would really like the Australian Beaufort VIII as this was the difinative version built by Australia.

Airfix note how important the aircraft was in the Pacific and it is the one model all Australian aircraft modellers are after.


I have only one wish:1/72 Consolidated B-24H Liberator with Ford nose.

The reason:B-24 was one of the most remarkable aircraft in WWII in both USAAF and RAF, and the existing Airfix B-24J is both dated and sadly inaccurate. It is a toy, not a serious model.There are no affordable 1/72 kits of B-24 currently in production (the Hasegawa kit is horribly expensive) and there are no B-24 kits with the iconic Ford nose.

B-24H served mainly in Europe, and there are several nice painting schemes and nose arts for both USAAF and RAF aircraft available. Especially in Olive Drab/Neutral Grey scheme - most modellers shun the natural metal, which was the most common scheme on B-24J.


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My wish is for a 1/72 P-38J/L Lightning. Airfix please consider the following flaws and plusses of the current kits in the market in designing your own:

Academy - erroneous shape of engine intakes; alternative cockpit transparencies do not include an all closed canopy; very good detail and panel lines; good engineering of the breakdown of parts especially wing to boom joints.

Dragon - lots of fit issues especially wing to boom joints; wrong panel lines on wings; poor fit of cockpit canopy; poor propeller assembly; very nicely-shaped engine intake.

Hobby Boss - erroneous shape of engine intakes though not as bad as Academy's; missing the bullet-like scoop for superchager and the antenna under the nose; wrong representation of the polished oval portion on inboard of engines; good engineering of breakdown of parts.


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Just came across on ebay  Airfix Sam-2 Guidline Missile


Given the seller wats £90, I think Airfix ought to give cosideration to a new tool of the same.

Oh in 1/72 scale please


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Having seen the Beaufort, how about a new Hampden?

Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 65_000 feet and climbing.


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1/72 swordfish retool

1/72 hawker fury/nimrod

1/72 sunderland

1/48 mosquito

1/72 halifax

and maybe a 1/72 BV 238 for a bit of fun : )


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Can their be a release of 1/72 'Bravo November' RAF Chinook. Iconic post war aircraft?

Also a Wildcat should be produced 

Would love to see more Fleet air Arm releases in 1/72 (which Airfix seem to be pretty good at lately), such as Albacore, Barracuda, Skua/Roc, early Seafire, decent Sea Hurricane (and a new and improved Hurricane II while you're at it!), Firefly, Seahawk (Jet fighter not helicopter), Supermarine Attacker and Scimitar, Whirlwind Helicopter, Wasp (and Scout), new tool Lynx and Wessex. Also a mod of the Gladiator into a Sea Gladiator, and some more Naval Seakings.

Aad Gadgie

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Having seen the Beaufort, how about a new Hampden?

Echo that, also a Battle, a Firefly, and a Tempest V.

I'm sure I've had this sense of Deja Vu before...

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