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SWishlists 2021

@Aad Gadgie

The idea of a 1/24 P40 is one I like, in a Desert Air Force scheme (don't know where I'd put it!)  However, I'd be happy if Airfix worked their magic & re-tooled some of the 1/72 classics which are crying out for attention - Fairey Battle, HP Hampden & Halifax, Westland Lysander, Westland Scout (with a Wasp variant?), Fairey Firefly, any of the WW1 & inter-war biplanes.  Oh, and a Hawker Tempest Mk V.  And a BAC/Sepecat Jaguar (Desert Storm) and a SA330 Puma, and a Short Stirling, and parents used to dread my Christmas lists!

Unfotunately, A Westland Wasp is a considerably different aircraft to a Scout.. although both would be worthy.

longer fueselage beneath engine for extra fuel. Different Tail Boom. Complicated undercarriage, Different interior fit, Weapons points etc. The only truly compatible parts would appear to be Nimbus Engine and Seats plus Fueselage forward of Cabin back wall. The aircraft is so complex, that I would welcome a much larger scale and for it to have a fully folded option including Blade supports, folding tail, Flotation Bags, Compressed undercarriage option and also, External Weapons points and blanks... What a model in 1/24!,,,


Aad Gadgie

42 posts

Blimey - I'd always thought they were just different versions of the same airframe - you have opened my eyes!  Please forgive my ignorance, helicopters aren't something I build much (obviously!Laughing)

I'm sure I've had this sense of Deja Vu before...


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I would like to see a reissue of the Airfix 1/600 scale ships

  • HMS Leander,
  • HMS Tiger,
  • HMS Daring,
  • HMS Amazon,


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B-24 liberator 

any scale


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Hi Airfix,

speaking on behalf 1/72 WWII aircraft kits fans from Czech republic, I wish following new tools items as:

1.) Avro Anson (which may be certainly much better than Anson from local Czech MPM or Special Hobby producer)

2.) Handley Page Hampded (which as we guess will be much better than Czech Valom /AZ Models and or Sabre kits) and which extend bomber range starting with A.W. Whitley and continuing by Wellington.

3.) Fairey Battle

4.) Westland Lysander

5.) Douglas Boston ( (which will be certainly much, much better than MPM or Special Hobby Boston item)

6) Lockheed Hudson, (naturarelybetter than MPM items, which have been later re-packed by Italeri)

7) Aichi D3A1 Val as follower of your nice B5N2 Kate and A6M2 model 21 Reisen

Also some WWI aircraft will be welcomed as whole range original WWI Airfixes but in new tool versions. And the same can be said for btw WWI and WWII silver wing era as Hawker Fury, Hawker Demon, Buldog, Siskin etc.

Anyway, all 1/72 oldtimer aircraft which will appear in 2021 will be perfect and that's why I wish you  success with the selection of new tool candidates.

Last but not least, and what about to release decals of the old Airfixies from Red stripe Type 3 and type 4 period to enable us to create airfix-like kits in order to wake up memories for your golden era. At present I buy various advanced new kits 1/72 but I use to to apply ´s.such decals which remember my old Airfix collection from 60´s and 70´s.  

Your banzai


If Airfix would look at aircraft that no other makers currently produce, then my suggestions would be for Rafale in soon to be Greek and French options, AMX as soon to go out of long time service in Italy. 

A Phantom recce version RF-4C/E

Gripen (if Bulgaria get them) but with CZ and Hungarian options 

All 1:72 

These are such good looking aitcraft and need more exposure 


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I'd like to see a 1/72 Buccaneer S.1 with an EDSG/White scheme with Red Beard weapon (especially from HMS Eagle), 1970s RAF Buccaneer S.2 (because I can't find stencils for them in this era) and 80s Buccaneer S.2 with Martel/Sea Eagle weapons, re-released Nimrod and Valiant, and many boxings of the new Vulcan :) In new tools, I'd like a Vietnam Era USAF B-52D and a Sea Vixen FAW.1, both in 1/72 (I've really enjoyed the Phantom and Buccaneer Royal Navy kits, keep 'em coming!)


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@Marc van Exel

I'd really like to see an new tool Harvard/Texan in 1/48. Current toolings are so much better and it would be great to see one that is accurate and I think it would be a good seller as there is a big market considering the use of these aircraft. Apart from the Harvard I'd love a Beaufort in 1/48 scale too.

In the meantime, the old Monogram kit still looks and builds up nicely.  The figures are nice too.  Try and find one of the early releases on Ebay.


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I'm into British 1/48 post war aircraft so anything new in that field is good for me but a couple I would like a special mention for would be for;

Scout/Wasp, virtually 2 kits from 1 & loads of markings to choose from.

Vampire/Venom, with intelligent design, 4 kits from 1, Vampire fighter, Vampire trainer, Venom fighter-bomber & Sea Venom with a wealth of markings available.

Whirlwind Helo, not one kit (apart from the even more ancient than me Revell S-55!) exists of the venerable Whirlwind, & an untapped supply of versions could be made from a basic mould with interchangable noses & tail booms in just British versions, let alone the original American versions. I believe this could be a real money (rotor!) spinner both sides of the atlantic!

I also do 1/72 for the larger aircraft in the same period so a few special mentions here would be;

VC10, perfect compliment to the V Bombers & Nimrod (a Tristar & Voyager would be nice too!) plus civil versions.

Comet. this could be interesting as not only military & civil versions could be made but could be the basis of a new more accurate Nimrod.

Lincoln, maybe a bit of an outsider but may be able to utilise some bits off the Lanc to keep costs down.

E-3/ Airseeker. I know they can't use the old Heller kit anymore but a new kit would be nice although may be difficult as the C-135/7 have different dimentions.

If a thought was given to VC-10, Comet,,Tristar & Voyager, how about a Boeing Poseidon, again with civil versions (& maybe Airfix could become the home of 1/72 Airliners, just a thought!!!).



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I'm sure thease have been mentioned but at the risk of repeating it:

1/72 Sea Vixen FAW.2

1/72 Javelin FAW.?

1/72 & 1/48 Scimitar

1/72 Sea Hawk (New Mold)

1/72 Sea Fury

1/72 Gannett

1/72 Sentienal R.1

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