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Could it be me, or is 2016 the one hundredth year anniversary of the battle of Jutland?  Have aifix missed the boat so to speak. No new model ships from that era, or any era for that matter. Great Britain had the largest navy at that time. Looks like ship builders are no longer being catered for by airfix. Sad times, i would rather by from a British manufacturer but as a ship builder i will have to buy from companies abroad


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As far as I'm aware Airfix has only produced one WW1 Dreadnought warship in all their years other then the altered versions which saw service in WW2 that is.... and one small ex American destroyer... the question that I ask is, if you were going to pick a Warship  from the Era which one would it be baring in mine those currently availble from other manufacturers....

Perhaps HMS Good Hope, Craddocks ill fated flagship at the battle of the Coronel and the equally ill fated SMS Scharnhorst in 1/350 which would make a model about 18" and 16" long respectivly or in any other appropriate scale.... and to round it off HMS Invincible which proved that cruiser armour does not make a battleship... 



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 the question that I ask is, if you were going to pick a Warship  from the Era which one would it be baring in mine those currently availble from other manufacturers....

I would go for one of the "Splendid Cats" - Probably Lion, although I would love to see a decently priced Tiger in a large scale

Alternatively, for the "You gotta be kidding" factor, Agincourt

 I'd be interested in seeing a 1/72 WWI MTB or perhaps even a submarine.....Airfix have pretty good form on this front already and extending their range into WWI and the modern era would be a a good thing IMHO.


Hell, if they decided to go back even further and do the Monitor and Virginia in 1/72 (or 1/48) I'd be jumping for joy.....But this falls a little too far outside the subject of this thread.


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The problem is getting a subject to LIDAR- Without meaning to carp Airfix do seem to be sticking to subjects they can LIDAR....


I suppose it's because finding suitable plans and arrangement drawings is difficult, and producing a workable kit plan is time consuming and TBH a bit of a sod of a job... And of course there will be some pedantic rivet counter that'll pop-up with the usual:

'Why oh why didn't they put the rangefinder for HMS Entity on the right hand side of the bridge... Surely everyone knows that on the 12 April 1915 it was placed there, unlike the rest of the 'Thing' class which always had them on the left of the captains day cabin...They've ruined the kit...etc, etc....

Please, please please Airfix!- A Fordson WOT1 in 1:72/6... Or a Bedford RL.... Or a Austin K9.... Or a Leyland 19H.....

Nero tristar

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i would love a EDGAR class destroyer in the form as HMS EDGAR

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