Handley Page Victor B.2 1:72

Handley Page Victor B.2 1:72


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Handley Page Victor B.2 1:72


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Arguably the most capable of Britain’s Cold War V-Bombers, the Handley Page Victor is certainly one of the most distinctive jet bombers to ever see service.  With its high mounted T-tail and impressive crescent wing, the Victor saw service as a conventional bomber, nuclear bomber and finally as an airborne tanker aircraft, before its eventual retirement in 1993.  

Handley Page Victors of Britain’s nuclear deterrent force were finished in an all over white anti-flash paint scheme, which was intended to afford some protection to the aircraft and crew in the event of a nuclear detonation – thankfully, the effectiveness of this system was never called upon.  The final RAF Victors wore a hemp and light aircraft grey scheme, following their involvement in the Gulf War, in an in-flight re-fuelling capacity.

Perhaps the most famous use of the Victor tanker aircraft was the significant role they played in the ‘Black Buck’ missions of the Falklands conflict.  The plan to deny Argentine forces the ability to use Port Stanley airfield called on a single Vulcan bomber to attack the airfield and render the runway unusable.  With the nearest airfield available to the British being on Ascension Island some 3,800 miles away, the Vulcan would have to be refuelled many times during the flight, which would become the longest bombing mission in history.  

The refuelling plan to support the Port Stanley Vulcan attack would require eleven Victor tankers to take off at the same time, to provide fuel for both the Vulcan and the other Victors.  Once the attack had been completed, five more Victors would be needed to bring the Vulcan home.

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One of the most striking, and powerful, machines of the Cold War the Handley Page Victor is a model that will dominate any shelf it is placed upon.


This first release comes complete with a Blue Steel missile and is the perfect complement for the Airfix Vulcan and Valiant kits.


This new kit is superbly accurate and highly detailed, it is a must for any Cold War aircraft fan!

Simon Owen

Simon Owen

Lead Researcher - Airfix

y Technical Specification & Detail

Scale 1:72
Skill 3
Flying Hours 4
Number of Parts 228
Dimensions (mm) L486 x W508
Age Suitability 8+

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sssss 5
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Excellent model.

I built this just over a year ago, and my only regret with building this was forgetting to photograph the cockpit before gluing the fuselage together. It was an incredibly fun build and it turned out well. The bits all fit together without complaint and the moulding is of a high standard. I recommend this to anyone else who, like me, loves the Victors.

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No flying allowed

Just taken delivery. I see there is NO option for "wheels up" and NO pilots. All that effort in measuring and designing by Airfix for a super new kit but it can only be built as an empty static plane sitting idly on a runway. Compared to contemporary big aircraft this aircraft was the dynamic flyer; it is a shame it cannot be built to represent that.

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sssss 5
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One of the best kits i have ever been given.

I got this kit for xmas from the other half, at first I thought it might have a few problems like the Nimrod and after the build problems I had with the nimrod I thought I might be in for a nightmare of a time. Oh how I was wrong. This lovely kit falls together like a dream, the only area I had a problem with was the intakes and wings but that's more to me than the kit. I am going to buy another kit in the future and do a better job on this lovely gem.

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Humbrol Enamel paints for the kit's primary decal scheme.

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