Savoia-Marchetti SM79

Savoia-Marchetti SM79


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Savoia-Marchetti SM79


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| Description

The Savoia-Marchetti SM79 ‘Sparrowhawk’ was Italy’s main medium bomber of the Second World War and one of the most effective bombers operated by Axis forces. With its unusual three engined configuration, the SM79 was a fast aeroplane, possessing endurance, which made it especially effective in operations over the Mediterranean. As a torpedo bomber, the SM79 earned a reputation for being one of the best anti-shipping aircraft of WWII and should the aircraft have to land on water as a result of damage sustained during an attack, the wooden wings and fabric covered fuselage gave the crew ample time to take to their life rafts. After the armistice with Italy, around 36 ‘Sparrowhawks’ continued to fight with the Germans, some wearing Luftwaffe markings.

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Prop 65 Warning


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y Technical Specification & Detail

Dimensions L229 x W33
Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Flying Hours 2
Number of Parts 102
Dimensions (mm) L229 x W33
Age Suitability 8+

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Worth waiting for

I got this on pre-order when initially released... 20 months later it arrived! Its not new tool standard but by old tool standard its a good one. Very little flash, decent part fit (I still needed a bit of filler but nothing serious), 3 decent crew and glass parts that fit well (canopy did need a little sanding and dry fitting). As with many old tools its got a really positive strong undercarriage. Oddly the box art is quite different from the kit painting instructions (which show a 3 colour scheme). TBH I prefer the box art version. For £16.99 this is great value for money. The SM-79 was heavily used in the Spanish Civil war so this has many more colour and insignia options than you may think.... Read more

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