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Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain



18th June 1940

Churchill states Battle of Britain about to begin


13th August 1940

Eagle Day - start of massive Luftwaffe raids

3rd July 2015

75 days to "Battle of Britain" day


20th August 1940

Churchill’s speech “Never in the field...” 

10th July 1940

Official start of the battle


25th August 1940

Raid on Berlin

19th July 1940

Dover attacks almost destroy RAF Squadron


15th September 1940

Battle of Britain day


On June 18th 1940, Winston Churchill informed the House of Commons that the Battle of France was over and he expected the Battle of Britain to begin.  Britain was standing alone against the might of the Third Reich and would be forced to fight for her very survival. Luckily, before the Wehrmacht could launch an invasion across the English Channel, they needed to secure superiority in the air and they would not have it all their own way! 


Over the next few months, the young pilots of Fighter Command would be forced into aerial battles with their Luftwaffe adversaries, facing odds of 4 to 1 against them.  Day after day, hundreds of German aircraft came and each time they did, RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes repelled them.  Although they came perilously close to defeat, Churchill’s ‘Few’ managed to save Britain and with it, write one of the most glorious chapters in the UK's history.

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