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RMS Titanic


The RMS Titanic will go down in maritime history as not just the largest and most luxurious passenger ship afloat upon its launch in 1912, but also as the most infamous, due to its now legendary maiden voyage. Despite warnings given to it by other ships, the Titanic steamed into the side of an iceberg on the night of the 14th April 1912. This tore a large hole in the side of the hull, overwhelming the ship’s famed, watertight compartments. As water poured in, the order was given to abandon ship, with women and children being prioritised over the men. Of the 2224 passengers on board, just 711 survived, with the vast majority being women and children of the first and second class. Today, 100 years after its maiden voyage and sinking, the legend of the Titanic continues to capture the imagination of the world.

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Built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and launched on May 31st 1911, the Royal Mail Steam Ship Titanic was one of three Olympic-class passenger ships built for the White Star line. The largest, most luxuriant passenger ship ever built at the time, Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on 10 April 1912. Captained by Edward J Smith, Titanic left Southampton setting course across the Atlantic for New York with over 2,000 people on board. The passengers ranged from the poorest emigrants traveling steerage ( third class) to the rich and famous such as John Jacob Astor and his wife Madeleine Force Astor, millionariess Margaret "Molly" Brown, the White Star Line's managing director J. Bruce Ismay and the ship's builder Thomas Andrews. 




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