Supermarine Spitfire MkIa 1:24

Supermarine Spitfire MkIa 1:24


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Supermarine Spitfire MkIa 1:24


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| Description

The immortal Spitfire was the most famous fighter of the Second World War and one of the greatest warplanes of all time. When the Battle of Britain began in the summer of 1940 there were nineteen squadrons of Spits in action. The two Spitfires for which markings are supplied represent different moments of the battle as it raged from the hot summer days into the cold winter of 1940.

The first is the iconic DW-K of No.610 'County of Chester' Squadron, with its large code letters and oversized roundels that instantly evoke the Battle of Britain. Based at Biggin Hill, squadron code DW-K was initially believed to be displayed on the aircraft P9495 (included in this kit) which joined the squadron in June 1940, and was eventually damaged in a dogfight with a Messerchimitt 109 in August 1940, these code were then transferred to another Spitfire.

The other aircraft is the X4561, squadron code QJ-B of No.92 Squadron based at Manston, Kent in December 1940 and reflects the changes to operational camouflage at the time with the underside of the port wing being painted black as a recognistion aid.

This fabulous model has a detailed cockpit, Merlin engine, gun ports and other extensive detail.


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y Technical Specification & Detail

Scale 1:24
Skill 3
Flying Hours 5
Number of Parts 156
Age Suitability 8+

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sssss 3

One bad apple?

I'm assuming that my knowledge of plastics and injection molding may be limited, but crikey; there was more flash here than a mediocre American war movie, even the ejector pin marks were flashed, a few of them, a lot. Lines don't line up and the rivets...a Victorian bridge builder would be proud! Lots and lots of sanding, scraping, rubber banding and so on. Also, why is the plastic so soft and bendy? This kit could use a totally new mold and a bit less plasticizer.

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Enjoyable... but...

Gave this kit to my brother as a Christmas present and received it back six months ago unopened.
Have built this kit with some scepticism because the previous two 1:24 scale kits nearly sent me to a padded cell.
The kit went together fairly well but of course there were the odd gremlin or two that upset the builder. The main gripe I had with this kit was the apparent warp in some of the larger parts particularly. Whilst the top of the model went together beautifully, it was a different story for the bottom of the kit. This resulted in the use of masking tape in an effort to keep the parts together whilst the glue dried which had varying success. One can only hope that it stays together. Parts were well moulded otherwise and I am hopefully looking forward to making a start on the next kit in a few weeks.
The kit is listed as a "Skill 4" and some guidance for younger modellers would definitely be recommended and the number of parts is probably just at the end of their patience span.
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Spitfire MK V

I have build this great model in marking of S/L of Czech fighter squadron Frantisek Dolezal. Looks great!

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Humbrol Enamel paints for the kit's primary decal scheme.

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