Aston Martin DB5 Starter Set 1:32

Aston Martin DB5 Starter Set 1:32


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Aston Martin DB5 Starter Set 1:32


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The luxury Aston Martin DB5 was first released in 1963, and reached true iconic status when it featured as James Bond's car in the 1964 film Goldfinger. The DB5 had a new tail design, offering improved aerodynamics.  Options included power steering (on Mk1 cars), air conditioning, automatic transmission, limited slip differential and a 325bhp Vantage.

This Airfix Starter Set is ideal for beginners or as a gift, containing everything that you need to build the kit.  


Medium Starter Set includes:

- Glue
- Two brushes
- Six acrylic paints

Please note image displayed is solely a representation of the finished kit.

Boeing license

Aston Martin, the Aston Martin Wings logo and the model name "DB5" are trademarks owned, licensed or used by Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.

All rights reserved.

% Safety Notice

Prop 65 Warning


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I'm a big fan of British cars and the Aston DB5 certainly deserves its iconic status, so this kit's already on my wishlist.


I've also just ordered one for my nephew - birthday present sorted!

Mike Rolph

Mike Rolph

Online Product Executive

y Technical Specification & Detail

Dimensions 4.6 x 25 x 23.2
Scale 1:32
Skill 1
Flying Hours 1
Number of Parts 42
Dimensions (mm) L143 x W52
Age Suitability 8+

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sssss 1

DB5 starter kit - what a shocker!

So I’ve built this starter kit before when the car colour was black and it was very badly moulded then, I’ve just bought it again (silver re-box) and this kit is even worse. Now I know this is a (very) old and poor tooling but please Airfix, dip sample what you are selling because upon opening the bag in the box I actually laughed out loud. This kit is damaging your image and reputation. With your excellent improvements in kits, branding and with your fan base on the rise again, consign these joke kits to the museum and don’t look back, the future is bright.

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Great model, although could do with a linkage to connect the front wheels so that they turn together. I built mine in approximately 3hrs.

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Poor quality model

This is supposed to be a new tooling, but from what i can see, it's more likely a re-hash of an older mould. For the price, would have expected a higher parts count than 42 parts.

Several of the parts had excessive flash on them and the locating holes needed cleaning out before fitting. Their were ejector marks on several of the pieces and the body shell required a lot of clean up after the mould sprue was removed.

Some of the instructions were a bit vague over were parts were located and a lot of "fettling" was needed before the body shell would fit.

One suggestion i would make is to fit the body shell to the chassis before fitting the wheels.

Used this as a project piece for a group of newcomers to the hobby - if i were them i wouldn't go near this kit again.

Luckily i prefer to build armour, so will definitely not be going near this kit again.
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Airfix Says...


Many thanks for your honest review. This kit is not new tooling (as we've confirmed above) and please take my apologies if this wasn't clear.

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