Eleventh Doctor & Companions Set for Exterminate! The Miniatures Game

Eleventh Doctor & Companions Set for Exterminate! The Miniatures Game


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Eleventh Doctor & Companions Set for Exterminate! The Miniatures Game


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The Doctor's foes clash in this fast-paced tabletop miniatures game. Amongst this conflict the Doctor protects the Time Vortex- with his companions, the TARDIS, and a clever plan.....

Pit your wits against your adversaries and build your force from a variety of options- whatever it takes to ensure you have the advantage over your foes!

Youthful in appearance, but centuries old, the Eleventh Doctor loved life, but had little tolerance for those who did him wrong. A fondness for hats and Jammie Dodgers, he was adventurous and unpredictable. He travelled with Amy and Rory and, later, Clara – the Impossible Girl.

He married Professor River Song and faced and defeated countless enemies including The Silence, Weeping Angels and Daleks. Revisiting the Time War, he discovered that he and his past incarnations had saved his home world, Gallifrey, and the Time Lords from destruction, but his planet was lost somewhere in the endless void of space and time.

This box contains the following unpainted pewter miniatures: the Eleventh Doctor in his Series 6 outfit, Amy, dressed in her kissogram outfit and Rory in his nurse’s uniform from The Eleventh Hour, Clara in her Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS dress and River Song as she appeared in The Impossible Astronaut. It also includes gaming cards allowing you to use these figures in our Exterminate! miniatures game.

In Exterminate! Clara, Amy and Rory provide new skills for a Doctor and Companions faction, whilst River Song’s in-game capabilities make her a perfect bodyguard for her beloved Doctor.

The Eleventh Doctor made his debut in The Eleventh Hour where he meets the young Amelia Pond for the first time when the TARDIS crash lands in her garden. This story also introduces Rory, who is working as a nurse in Ledworth Hospital.

The Eleventh Doctor made a cameo appearance in Deep Breath phoning Clara from Trenzalore, to assure her the new Twelfth Doctor was still the same man, albeit in a new body, who needed her help to recover from his new regeneration.

Although the Twelfth Doctor’s memories of Clara Oswald are wiped, they are later restored to him in his final adventure Twice Upon a Time (2017) just before he regenerates.

This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.

Welcome to the world of the Doctor - the endless battle across Time and Space between those who would seek to dominate and destroy, and those who wish to protect and preserve.

This tabletop combat war game between the doctor and his enemies provides non-stop action whether battling it out in hand to hand melee attacks, intense shootouts or avoiding the enemy to complete the mission.

Using combat dice, recruitment cards, action cards, tokens, obstacles, provides and endless amount of possibilities of how these battles will take place!

Played between two opponents adding more elements to the rules as players' experience progress, can include more miniatures and more adventures also allows for quick rounds or longer battles.

Build, paint and play! The construction and painting of the models and watching them come to life are just as much fun as the game itself!

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Scale 1:56
Age Suitability 14+

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